Trace Genomics and Taurus Agricultural Marketing partner to bring next-generation soil testing to Canada 

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AMES, IA, USA, and CALGARY, AB, CANADA August 24, 2023 – Trace Genomics (Trace), an industry-leading provider of science-validated soil biology insights, and Taurus Agricultural Marketing (Taurus Ag), market-leading distributor of agricultural products in Canada, announced an international partnership today. As part of a multi-year plan, Taurus Ag will be the exclusive Canadian provider of Trace soil diagnostics, bringing the most comprehensive insights and actionable information on soil biology to retailers, consultants, agronomists, and growers within the market for the first time.

Trace is revolutionizing agricultural soil testing by providing comprehensive, actionable insights to growers and retailers in the United States, and now, Canada. Trace’s technology incorporates aspects of the soil beyond chemistry. By analyzing soil biology through metagenomics (sequencing all the DNA in a soil), agronomists can gain a more comprehensive picture of the variables that impact product placement and seed selection. This includes data on over 225 pathogens for 70+ crops, fertility insights on nitrogen and phosphorus, as well as all the standard soil chemistry tests. In Canada, this means guidance for better management of significant pathogens like club root that threaten their top cash crop, canola. 

“Disruptions are rare and take time, but with Trace Genomics’ metagenomic approach, we’re seeing a transformative shift in agricultural analytics,” said Craig Davidson, President, Taurus Agricultural Marketing. “Their technology offers an unparalleled understanding of soil life, from beneficial organisms to nutrient cycling. As the industry embraces this, there’s no turning back: decision-making in agriculture will reach unprecedented precision. We’re proud to be at the forefront of this revolution in Canadian Agriculture and anticipate our forward-thinking customers will eagerly adopt this game-changing understanding of soil.” 

Both Taurus Ag and Trace are driven to making sustainable practices more accessible. With newly-developed tools from Trace to measure multiple biological drivers of nitrogen gain and loss, agronomists can create better nitrogen management plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Fertility reports, powered by Trace, include placement guidance for products such as fertilizers, stabilizers, and biologicals based on both biological and chemical data.

“Taurus Ag is a valuable partner for our expansion into Canada,” said Justin Miller, Director of Sales at Trace Genomics. “They understand the importance of translating data into actionable insights and guidance.”

The products offered by Trace are highly complementary to the portfolio and vision of Taurus Ag. Together, they will be bringing cutting edge, actionable soil diagnostics to Canadian agriculture.

About Trace Genomics

Trace Genomics is a pioneer in the use of hi-definition genomics, soil science and machine learning to activate the hidden insights in soil for economic and ecosystem benefits. Where most companies deliver a partial picture, we provide a comprehensive and precise understanding of the soil’s composition—analyzing the soil’s biology, physical properties and chemistry. Trace Genomics delivers targeted database insights and actions at cost-speed-scale-accuracy for partners who are advancing modern farming solutions. 

About Taurus Agricultural Marketing

Taurus Agricultural Marketing is a leading Canadian distributor of agricultural products. The company provides innovative and sustainable solutions to Canadian farmers to help them maximize their production while being environmentally responsible. Taurus Ag is committed to bringing high-quality products to market that support the long-term success of Canadian agriculture. To learn more about fertility solutions in the Canadian Marketplace, please visit  

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Trace Genomics

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Taurus Agricultural Marketing Inc.

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