Tillering, branching, fruit, grain, and nut development Enhancer.

Active Konnect™ is a potassium supplement that increases sugar metabolism and translocation at the final stages of the reproductive cycle – promoting enhanced fruit, pod and seed development and contributing to superior nutritional quality. Active Konnect™ can be used throughout growing season to increase potassium levels in wheat, corn, soybeans, pulses, tomatoes, vegetables, tree fruit, tree nuts and berries.

How it works

Active Konnect™ provides chelated potassium, kinetin, amino acids, simple sugars and organic acids. Potassium allows production of protein, while kinetin, enhances cell division and growth, and stimulates branching. The specially designed combination of ingredients allows rapid uptake and utilization, resulting in increased volume, size, and quality of fruit, grain, and nuts.

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis


Soluble Potash (K2O) 29%
Sulphur (S) 12%
Cytokinin as Kinetin 0.05%

When to Use

  • Wheat: Herbicide timing and late anthesis/grain filling.
  • Canola: Herbicide timing and early flowering.
  • Soybeans and other pulses: Herbicide timing and early flowering.
  • Fruit and nut trees, berries: between fruit set and ripening.
  • Tomatoes, vegetables: Early growth stage and flowering stage.

Application Rate

1-2 L (1-2 qt) per acre


Active Konnect™ is a potassium supplement that is particularly beneficial during the development or early growth of fruit, grain and nuts, and can be used throughout the growing season to increase potassium levels.


    • INCREASED VOLUME & QUALITY: Active Konnect™ supports fruit, grain and nut development, resulting in a higher volume of larger, higher quality product.


    • INCREASED BRANCHING: kinetin present in Active Konnect™ enhances cell division and expansion, and also activates lateral or axillary bud growth allowing crops to have more branches, and therefore, more flowers and pods.


  • INCREASED SUGAR LEVELS AND FLAVOUR: Potassium regulates sugar translocation and metabolism, and by providing extra potassium in chelated form, there is an increase in fruit sugar and flavour.

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