Plant Enhancement Technology is an emerging field of agri-science where we are seeing some of the most innovative thinking. A number of patented molecular structures are taking technology past the point of nutrition, to create a positive effect on the plant – regardless of the environment.

When implemented in conjunction with a sound fertility program, these enhanced formulations are designed to create a positive effect in all environmental conditions to maximize plant potential. There is a great deal of data available to illustrate the value these products bring to the table. Let Taurus show you how these formulations can help you increase production and extract greater value from the crop.

An Essential technology for consistent early growth and plant development

Intrinsic™ is a breakthrough advancement developed by Active AgriScience.

Intrinsic is the central active ingredient in Active PRIME™, Active BUILD™ and Active COMPLETE™. It enhances the plant’s overall health, structure and ability to perform under stress conditions. This technology provides numerous, highly advantageous benefits through the process of Transcription Technology:

  • Stronger root growth
  • Reduced transpiration
  • Increased water use efficiency
  • Increased nutrient mobilization and absorption
  • Increased performance under stress conditions
  • Increased function under a wide range of pH

Known for its consistent performance, Intrinsic™ is compatible with fertilizers and other agrichemicals.


Expressing maximum genetic potential in seeds

Active PRIME™ is a mixture of nutrients activated by Intrinsic. It is specifically formulated to enhance germination and plant vigor through activation of multiple physiological processes. Applied as a seed nutrient dressing, Active PRIME™ bioactively stimulates your seeds to achieve their optimum genetic potential.

Data from field tests show that Active PRIME™ has a positive impact on the growth and development of canola, soybeans and wheat (including winter wheat), that is only measured by the impact on yield.

Key benefits include:

  • Rapid seed hydration
  • Faster germination
  • Increased seedling vigor
  • Stronger growth
  • Greater stress tolerance
  • Higher yield per plant

Promoting Early Crop Growth

Active BUILD™ provides the highest concentration of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium available in a single liquid fertilizer solution. It is formulated to promote faster, easier absorption of NPK in canola, soybeans, peas, flax, edible beans, faba beans, lentils, corn, and wheat (including winter wheat). Activated by Intrinsic to enhance the plant’s photosynthetic capacity. Active BUILD™ also reduces evapotranspiration and promotes stronger root growth.

Key benefits include:

  • Stronger plants that achieve maximum yield
  • Resiliency to resist stress during periods of rapid growth
  • Relief from drought, wind, deep seeding and moisture stresses
  • Relief from herbicide stress

Plant Pollination Technology

Active FLOWER™ is an exciting new technology that is highly beneficial to the health and productivity of flowering crops such as canola, soybeans, corn, flax, peas, lentils, edible beans and faba beans. It is a mixture of key nutrients and pollination compounds specifically formulated to activate a plant’s natural biochemical pathways related to pollen viability, germination and fertilization – resulting in increased fruit set and higher yields.

Key benefits include:

  • Enhanced support of nutritional requirements during pollination and fertilization
  • Increased pollen hydration, germination and viability
  • Improved pollen tube growth
  • Enhanced fertilization and fruit set
  • Increased bee foraging activity
  • Better flower to seed set ratios
  • Stronger yields

Comprehensive health, metabolism, yield and vigor

Active COMPLETE™ is a mixture of nutrients activated by Intrinsic. The foliar PK liquid fertilizer solution with micronutrients is specially formulated to meet phosphorous, potassium, zinc and manganese requirements. Together with Intrinsic, it activates the plant’s natural biochemical pathways related to photosynthetic partitioning – resulting in increased yield and higher quality of grains.

Key benefits include:

  • Enhanced sugar metabolism and translocation
  • Increased protein content
  • Increased yield
  • Promotion of plant health and vigor

Increasing Foliar Nitrogen without leaf burn

Active Proform N™ provides crops with an abundant source of readily available and slow-release nitrogen, without the risk of damaging leaf tissue. The combination of amino acids and urea nitrogen promotes easier foliar absorption. With Proform N™, more nitrogen is actively absorbed through the plant leaves, where it translocates into tissues where demand is great.

Key benefits include:

  • Immediate and slow-release nitrogen delivery
  • No burning or damage to leave tissue
  • Supports chlorophyll, protein and nucleic acid production
  • Increased growth and yield
  • Healthier, stronger, faster growing crops

It is recommended that Proform N™ be used in conjunction with other Active AgriScience™ products in wheat, corn, canola, soybean, pulse, hop, vegetable, tomato, fruit, tree nut and berry crops.

Active Proform

Enhanced architecture and development of grains, fruit and nuts

Active Konnect™ is a potassium supplement that increases sugar metabolism and translocation at the final stages of the reproductive cycle – promoting enhanced fruit, pod and seed development and contributing to superior nutritional quality. Active Konnect™ can be used throughout growing season to increase potassium levels in wheat, corn, soybeans, pulses, tomatoes, vegetables, tree fruit, tree nuts and berries.

Key benefits include:

  • Increased volume, size and quality of fruit, grains and nuts
  • Enhanced cell division and growth
  • Increased branching
  • Rapid uptake and utilization

Active Proform

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