Active VPR™

Active VPR™ 

Active VPR™ acts as a post-emergent herbicide stress reliever while acting synergistically with the herbicide to increase its efficacy on weeds.

How it Works

ActiveVPR™ acts as a post-emergent herbicide stress reliever while acting synergistically with the herbicide to increase its efficacy on weeds. Loaded with Phosphorous and Potassium, key elements for root and shoot growth, ActiveVPR™ contains molecules that enhance plants’ ability to better respond to abiotic and biotic stressors. Plants treated with ActiveVPR™ will have minimal herbicide stress and a quicker recovery. This leads to better utilization of resources and higher yields.


Guaranteed Minimum Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N)  2%
Available Phosphate (P2O5)  10%
Soluble Potash (K2O)  10%


When to Use

Apply as a foliar spray.

Field peas and succulent Peas: apply at the 4-5 leaf stage (herbicide timing).

Soybean and other dry edible beans: apply at V1-V2 (first-second trifoliate/herbicide timing) stage.

Application Rate

Apply at the rate of 0.5 L – 1 L / acre  with a minimum of 40 L of water. Ensure sufficient water for thorough coverage.

  1. Apply as a foliar treatment in a regular spray program or as a corrective spray to alleviate nutritional deficiencies. Also for use in blended fertilizers. Suitable for ground or aerial spraying.
  2. Use this product on the basis of soil and tissue analysis in accordance with recommendations of a qualified person or institution or apply according to recommendations in your approved nutrient program.
  3. Add tank mix components in the following order: Water, agrochemical, Active ZINC™ 10% Zn.



Faster recovery from herbicide stress

ActiveVPR™  treated plants are able to regulate the biochemical pathways related to protein, carbohydrate and ATP production to help reduce plant respiration and prevent energy loss. This allow plants to better allocate energy to the recovery processes.

Increased root growth and improved drought resistance

ActiveVPR™ helps regulate the opening and closing of the stomata controlling water vapor, oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. Some of the molecules included in ActiveVPR™ can act as antioxidants and can scavenge toxic compounds produced within the plant. In addition, these molecules are able to control the elasticity of membranes to reduce water loss.

Enhances translocation of sugars and starch

Potassium is key to carbohydrate metabolism and translocation of sugars and starch. After herbicide application, the potassium in ActiveVPR™ ensures that the plant gives priority to the essential tissues first ensuring a fast recovery from herbicide stress.

Improved crop maturity, uniformity and increased yield

ActiveVPR™ improves root growth, accelerates recovery from herbicide and other abiotic/ biotic stressors. It also helps the crop establish quicker and gives it an advantage of a few more days of photosynthesis compared with the untreated crop. This leads to increased yield.



This product is compatible with the post-emergent herbicides Viper ADV, Basagran and Basagran Forte. For use with other post emergent herbicides, conduct a jar test and apply to a small area of the crop prior to large scale use.

Agrochemical Mixture Compatibility
Viper ADV + Active VPR compatible
Basagran Forte + Active VPR compatible
Viper ADV + Basagran Forte + Active VPR compatible
Basagran + Active VPR compatible
Viper ADV + Basagran + Active VPR compatible

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