You can have the perfect seed, the ideal environmental conditions and a premium pesticide program in place – but if your plants aren’t receiving the necessary nutrients in the correct balance – none of it matters. Fertility is the foundation for successful plant growth.

Growers who understand the role and importance of key nutrients, and implement a strategic and targeted fertility program, enjoy a significant advantage over those who do not. While it may seem simple, striking the right balance of nutrients can be complex, as fertility solutions are never black and white.

Taurus is committed to educating growers on Fertility Best Practices and sharing the latest agronomic solutions based on your specific operational and logistical practices. We’ve developed a growing library of valuable resources to help you get to the bottom of your fertility needs.


A dual-action nitrogen-saving technology that inhibits both ammonia volatilization and nitrification.…View

Arm U

Formulated to perform in Canada’s cold spring temperatures, ARM-U is a better NBPT choice for preventing costly n…View

Arm U Advanced

Dual-action nitrogen saving technology that inhibits both ammonia volatilization and nitrification…View

Crystal Green®

One season-long application releases phosphorus as the plant demands. A low salt index provides unmatched safety in…View

SUL4R-PLUS® Fertilizer

SUL4R-PLUS® fertilizer is a controlled release granular sulfate product that provides season long availability for…View

Proform N

A safe source of readily available and slow release nitrogen for strong, continuous growth – without leaf tissue …View

Active BUILD

30% guaranteed available phosphate in an easy-to-absorb liquid. Plus, the growth enhancement technology of Intrinsi…View


A potassium supplement that is particularly beneficial during the development/ early growth of fruit, grain and nut…View


Safe, continuously available copper to support photosynthesis, structure, respiration, pollen virility, metabolism …View


Aids pollination & respiration, and provides disease & stress resistance in small grains, soybeans, sweet c…View

Active BORON

A reliable source of the boron plants need to promote everything from photosynthesis to pollination to seed and fru…View

Active ZINC

Zinc plays a key role in facilitating photosynthesis and indoleacetic acid (which is responsible for stem length, l…View

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