Active GrainFILL™

Active GrainFILL™ 

Grain yield is determined by a combination of crop genetics, duration of the grain filling stage and nutrition during that stage.  Active GrainFILL™ contains sulphur, plus 12 amino acids and 3 vitamins that optimize grain size and weight by improving nutrition and extending the grain fill period.

How it Works

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N) 10%
Soluble Potash (K2O) 14%
Sulphur (S) 6.5%
Iron (Fe) 0.005%

Application Rate

Wheat, barley, oats: apply during the fungicide and fusarium timing (flag leaf to end of flowering BBCH stage 39 to 65) as a foliar spray at 1 L / acre with a minimum of 20 L of water per acre for ground applications and 12 L of water per acre) for aerial applications.

Spray early morning or late afternoon when the sun is lower in the sky. Do not apply when air temperatures are above 27°C. Avoid spraying on windy days.

Add tank-mix partners in the following order: water, fungicide, Active GrainFILL. Keep agitator running while mixing.



Extended Duration of Grain Filling

Active GrainFILL™ provides potassium in an easily absorbed form. Potassium is a key element in remobilization of food reserves to developing grains during the grain filling stage. Potassium helps extend the grain filling duration.

Larger and Heavier Grains

Both Nitrogen and Potassium help build new tissues after pollination and fertilization. Nitrogen plays a role in achieving high grain yield with adequate protein content. Nitrogen remobilization to grains after flowering naturally occurs in the form of amino acids. The 16 free amino acids in Active GrainFILL™ help enhance this process.

Growth Maintenance Under Stress Conditions

Amino acids help plants during stress situations by acting as osmolytes (cell pressure regulators), regulating ion transport, modulating stomatal opening, and detoxifying heavy metals. Plants supplied with Active GrainFILL™ contains many amino acids, including proline, to help the plant mitigate abiotic stress.

Increased Yield

Better nutrition and extended grain filling helps maintain yields during stress conditions or improve yields during normal growing conditions. At least 30% of harvested grain nitrogen is linked to post anthesis (post flowering) nitrogen supply. It is clear that an adequate supply of nitrogen during grain filling is critical for good yields. A simple way of providing nitrogen during post anthesis is to tank mix Active GrainFILL™ with other compatible agrochemicals sprayed during this period.

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