What is the AGTIV® Liquid Injection Kit?

Premier Tech Agriculture recommends a customized equipment, such as the Dosatron® Injection System, for the application of its liquid inoculants. Designed for an easy application of AGTIV® liquid products, the AGTIV® Liquid Injection Kit operates off the main solution flow of existing in-furrow application system.


How to install?

Consult the installation guide presenting the easy steps to prepare the injection kit and install it on the existing in-furrow system.

The installation of the AGTIV® Liquid Injection Kit requires approval by a Premier Tech Agriculture representative. In this regard, pictures of the installation must be sent before usage to Premier Tech Agriculture at the following email address:


How to apply?

A good and efficient inoculant needs a good and efficient application to thrive and perform. Look at the application video below to know the rules to follow.

On the planter, make sure to remove all cylinder screens by the nozzles.


Application rate for mycorrhizal inoculant

Dilute the mycorrhizal inoculant in the required volume of clean, non-chlorinated water. For each 950 ml bottle of mycorrhizal inoculant, add 2 bottles of water. Ask your representative for more info.

Refer to the lists of compatible pesticides and liquid fertilizers


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