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The Taurus Team

Taurus Team

Back Left to Right: Craig Davidson, Anderson Carrare, Claude Sander, Roddy McNinch, Curtis Russell
Front Left to Right: Theressa Agg, Brett Guynup, Aqueena Clennett, Mike Dolinski, Zach Chanyi, Pamela Ganske, Collin Collins Not Pictured: Terri Latin

Craig Davidson President & Managing Partner –

Anderson Carrare Sales, Central Ontario –

Claude Sander VP Client Relations –

Roddy McNinch VP Sales & Marketing –

Curtis Russell Sales, Southern Saskatchewan –

Theressa Agg Office Administrator –

Brett Guynup Sales, Alberta Peace and British Columbia –

Aqueena Clennett Marketing Manager –

Mike Dolinksi  Director of Science and Innovation –

Zach Chanyi Sales, Southwestern Ontario –

Pamela Ganske Cheif Operating Officer –

Collin Collins Sales, Southern Alberta –

Terri Latin Financial Controller –






Aqueena Clennett

Marketing Manager

Aqueena is not just our Marketing Manager at Taurus Ag; she’s a farmer, a storyteller, and a key connector in the ag world. With more than ten years in the ag industry, she’s got a knack for understanding what farmers need and how to talk about it in a way that hits home. Living and working on her farm in East Central Alberta with her husband and two boys, Aqueena’s got her boots planted firmly in the same soil as our customers.

She’s the brain behind our engaging, down-to-earth content that speaks directly to our customers’ experiences. Aqueena’s magic lies in her ability to blend her deep love for farming with her marketing smarts, ensuring that everything we share is not just informative but also genuinely relatable. With Aqueena on our team, expect conversations, not just campaigns, and stories that resonate with the heartbeat of farming life.




Collin Collins


Collin’s journey in the agricultural industry is a story of unwavering perseverance and exceptional drive. His roots are firmly planted in Southern Ontario, where he grew up on a quaint thoroughbred horse farm, just an hour’s journey from Toronto. This early exposure to farm life instilled in him a deep appreciation for agriculture.

Collin’s academic path led him to York University, where he graduated in 2012. With a degree in hand, he embarked on a bold move to Lethbridge, Alberta, marking the beginning of his professional journey in the agricultural sector. His career commenced with Cargill, where he served as a Farm Marketing Representative, a role that laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

In 2015, Collin’s career trajectory took a new turn as he joined BASF. Here, he was responsible for sales and support of their agricultural chemical and inoculant product lines. This experience further honed his skills and deepened his industry knowledge.

After five years in chemical sales, Collin embraced a new challenge with Chinook Treaters. This role saw him traversing Alberta and Saskatchewan, providing vital on-farm seed treating and inoculating services to farmers, further diversifying his expertise.

The culmination of Collin’s journey in agriculture is the establishment of his own venture, Double C Agco. Through this company, he offers innovative hybrid canola and corn seed solutions to his growers, demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to the industry.

Collin’s career has been exclusively rooted in Southern Alberta, an area he has come to know intimately. He now resides in Lethbridge, building his life there with his wife Bronwyn and their two young children. His story is a testament to the power of dedication and the drive to continuously grow and evolve in the dynamic field of agriculture.



Zach Chanyi- CCA


Zach Chanyi’s dedication to enhancing agricultural yields sustainably through science-based agronomy is matched only by his commitment as a devoted partner and parent.

Hailing from a small town in Southwestern Ontario, Zach has nurtured a deep connection with Ontario’s agricultural community over a span of nearly 12 years. His diverse professional experiences in retail, elevators, and distribution networks have equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the agricultural sector.

Zach’s academic achievements at the University of Guelph, coupled with his status as a Certified Crop Advisor, render him a seamless fit for the Taurus team. His professional acumen aligns seamlessly with the company’s focus on innovative and scientifically informed agronomic practices. In both his professional life and his roles as a partner and parent, Zach demonstrates a profound dedication to nurturing growth and fostering sustainable practices.



Anderson Carrare


Anderson Carrare, based in Central Ontario, is a remarkably intelligent individual with a wealth of experience spanning over a decade in sales and business development within the agriculture sectors of Ontario and Brazil. His profound grasp of farming practices, honed through extensive involvement with premium fertilizers, has enabled countless growers to attain exceptional outcomes.

Possessing a solid background in agricultural research, Anderson is adept at conducting field trials and offering well-informed recommendations to farmers. His expertise not only demonstrates his deep understanding of agronomy but also reflects his commitment to advancing agricultural practices.

A fervent advocate for the agricultural industry, Anderson is genuinely excited about his role in supporting Taurus Ag in introducing their innovative products and solutions to the Ontario market. His intelligence and expertise make him a valuable asset in this endeavor.



Pamela Ganske, B Com

Chief Operating Officer

Pamela, with her innate ability to anticipate future steps and a meticulous attention to detail, is not only kind and fair but also a visionary leader. Her journey began on a dairy and grain farm near Wetaskiwin, AB, where she was deeply involved in Parkland Fertilizers, a full-service Ag retail business co-owned by her mother.

Completing her Bachelor of Commerce Degree in International Business from Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton in 2011, Pamela brought a broad perspective to her work. Her experience at Parkland Fertilizers, where she worked seasonally for many years (including a summer stint at Dow AgroSciences), culminated in a full-time role from 2012 to 2018, during which she witnessed and contributed to the business’s transition to the Wetaskiwin Co-op.

Pamela’s commitment to her community is evident in her nearly three-year involvement with the Leduc, Nisku & Wetaskiwin Regional Chamber of Commerce, focusing on member and community relations. Her dedication extends beyond professional responsibilities to advocating for agriculture as an Ambassador with Agriculture More Than Ever, volunteering in Wetaskiwin including chairing the Community Engagement Committee, and her tenure on the Wetaskiwin City Council.

As COO, Pamela excels in leading by example, inspiring every member of the Taurus team to reach their full potential daily. Her unique blend of foresight, detailed orientation, and compassionate leadership makes her an invaluable asset to the team and a role model in the industry.



Theressa Agg

Office Administrator

Theressa has been a key player in the agricultural industry for over 15 years, providing unparalleled administrative support to both customers and representatives. Her extensive experience has made her an invaluable asset in navigating the intricate dynamics of agribusiness, ensuring operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Priding herself on her dedication to excellence, Theressa is not just an administrator; she is a catalyst for success. Her commitment to aiding others in achieving their business goals is evident in every interaction. Theressa’s role in our team goes beyond day-to-day tasks, as she continues to be a driving force behind the success of our clients and our organization.



Clayton Miller


Clayton Miller is firmly established in the Southern Alberta agriculture sector. With a rich background in agriculture, Clayton grew up on a grain farm near the Montana border at Milk River, Alberta. This early immersion fostered a profound dedication to the industry, shaping his vision for his career’s trajectory.

Driven by his fervent interest in agriculture, Clayton pursued advanced education to deepen his expertise. He commenced his higher education journey at Lakeland College in Vermilion, Alberta, and later advanced to the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture with a specialization in agronomy.

Following his academic achievements, Clayton embarked on a professional path in agronomy, taking on a pivotal role at Parrish and Heimbecker Ltd. Over two years, he excelled as a Customer Service Representative, providing clients with comprehensive agronomic counsel, chemical recommendations, fertility management strategies, and grain marketing insights. His tenure in Southern Alberta allowed him to cultivate a significant network of growers and retail partnerships.

Currently residing in Milk River, Clayton is engaged in an invigorating position at Taurus. He collaborates closely with his family to advance their farm operations, introducing innovative ideas and solutions.

“Today in agriculture, maximizing potential is paramount. My passion lies in working alongside growers to enhance their agronomic potential, ensuring their operations are successful and innovative. Establishing a sustainable foundation for success begins with selecting the appropriate products for your farm. At Taurus, we are equipped to provide that foundation.”



Craig Davidson

President, Founding Partner

Craig is a true visionary and pioneer in the field of agriculture, whose innovative efforts have made a significant and positive impact on farming in Canada. This influence is poised to continue shaping the agricultural landscape for years to come. Beyond his professional achievements, Craig is a dedicated husband and father, known for his approachability and willingness to listen and provide thoughtful feedback to everyone on the Taurus team.

Since Taurus opened its doors in 2001, Craig’s driving force has been to help growers comprehend the reasons behind agricultural methodologies. His vision was to establish a company distinct in its focus on promoting innovative technologies and advanced agronomic strategies, all grounded in education, knowledge, and data. His commitment to a fact-first approach to farming has consistently aided business-minded growers in reaping substantial benefits.

In his role, Craig actively collaborates with agri-businesses and manufacturers to evaluate how their products and services can add value both in the Canadian and global markets, ensuring they align with comprehensive agronomic strategies aimed at boosting production and profitability for growers.

As President, Craig embodies a “boots on the ground” ethos, preferring hands-on involvement over a detached, office-bound approach. His passion for working with progressive farmers remains undiminished, evidenced by his personal leadership in grower meetings.

Craig’s entire life has been intertwined with agriculture. Prior to founding Taurus, he held senior management positions with fertilizer manufacturers in both the United States and Canada. Additionally, he continues to play an active role in his family’s fifth-generation farming operation in Virden, Manitoba. His deep-rooted connection to agriculture, combined with his visionary leadership, cements his status as an influential figure in the industry and the guiding force within Taurus.

How can Craig provide agronomic answers to help you Advance Every Acre?

“We’ve come to realize there are no silver bullets out there. There is no single solution that can turn a good crop into a great crop. Instead, the secret to success comes from a holistic approach where small, sustainable gains add up to large scale success for today’s advanced growers.

We are fortunate to have a tremendous arsenal of agronomic tools at our fingertips – with many more in development. Myself, and the entire team at Taurus are committed to helping growers stay on top of these advancements. Together we will help you raise the bar: from the soil on up.”



Claude Sander

VP of Client Relations, Managing Partner

Claude, as the VP of Client Relations at Taurus, plays a pivotal role in maintaining strong connections with the partners who supply Taurus with its outstanding product lineup. Originating from Saskatchewan, Claude is deeply engaged with growers, retail outlets, and solution providers, ensuring he is always abreast of the latest products, tactics, and advancements that drive exceptional results in agriculture.

His career spanning over two decades has seen him immerse himself in various industry aspects, from research to sales, marketing, and agronomy. A proud graduate of the Agriculture and Bio Resource program at the University of Saskatchewan, Claude’s comprehensive background underpins his expertise and passion for the field.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Claude is a dedicated husband and father, valuing his family above all. His commitment at home mirrors his dedication to helping growers succeed, offering honest recommendations and being genuinely invested in their success. Outside of agriculture, Claude’s greatest joy comes from cheering on his favorite football team, the Eagles, especially when they secure a win. His enthusiasm for both soil fertility and football encapsulates his multifaceted interests and dedication to his passions.

How can Claude provide agronomic answers to help you Advance Every Acre?

“These days, it’s extremely hard to keep things simple when it comes to agriculture. Now it’s about knowing how the complex elements in your soil affect plant performance. We take pride in making our advanced agronomic solutions easy to understand – because your life is complicated enough. Our passion and dedication to agriculture allows Taurus to be a valued partner in your business.”



Roddy McNinch

VP Sales & Marketing, Managing Partner

Roddy, as the VP of Sales & Marketing at Taurus, is an exemplary leader who sets a high standard for his sales team through his own actions. He dedicates each day to not only explaining the ‘hows’ of agronomic practices but also delves deeply into the ‘whys’ behind them. This approach ensures that his team and clients have a comprehensive understanding of the processes and principles they’re working with, fostering a culture of knowledge and insight.

His leadership style is characterized by leading by example. Roddy’s hands-on approach in guiding his team demonstrates his commitment to their professional growth and to the success of Taurus. By actively participating in the day-to-day activities and sharing his extensive knowledge, he ensures that his team is well-equipped to handle the dynamic and often complex nature of agricultural sales and marketing.

Moreover, Roddy’s passion for agriculture, combined with his love for rodeo and western culture, further underscores his deep connection to the industry. His ability to connect agricultural practices to broader cultural and traditional contexts adds an invaluable dimension to his leadership.

Roddy’s influence extends beyond his immediate team. He is an inspiration across the entire organization, embodying the values of dedication, knowledge-sharing, and leadership. His commitment to explaining the underlying reasons behind agricultural practices enriches the understanding and expertise within Taurus, making him a pivotal figure in the organization’s ongoing success and growth.

How can Roddy provide agronomic answers to help you Advance Every Acre?

Crop inputs represent the highest percentage of investment dollars that growers spend on a annual basis. Nutrients are a large part of these inputs. That is where analytics becomes your best friend and trusted guide. I help growers remove the guess work – so they are confident in their decisions while investing in Fertilizer, Plant Enhancement Technologies or Biological Inoculants.”



Mike Dolinski

Director of Science & Innovation

Mike is an individual whose personal and professional life is marked by a deep sense of commitment and continuous learning. Foremost, he is a devoted father and husband, placing great value on his family. His perpetual pursuit of knowledge has recently led him to develop a keen interest in human health, a subject he skillfully relates to plant health in his educational lectures.

Raised on a modest farm in southern Manitoba, Mike’s academic journey in the field of entomology culminated in a Masters degree from the University of Manitoba. His professional path led him to Alberta in 1972, where he assumed the role of Provincial Entomologist. Over the course of an illustrious 32-year career with Alberta Agriculture, Mike excelled in various capacities – as an entomologist, a vertebrate pest specialist focusing on rats, coyotes, and rabies control, an apiculturist, and ultimately, as a specialist in organic agriculture. He entered retirement in 2004, but his thirst for knowledge and contribution to the field did not wane.

In the past decade, Mike’s interests have gravitated towards plant physiology, delving into the intricacies of plant growth and resource utilization. As a speaker, he is renowned for his comprehensive coverage of topics pertaining to plant physiology, growth, nutrition, and insect pest management, utilizing his extensive collection of microscopic photographs as educational tools for agronomists and farmers.

Outside his professional endeavors, Mike is an avid fisherman and golfer, a doting grandfather, and a passionate educator. His holistic approach to life, blending personal interests with professional expertise, exemplifies his multifaceted personality.

In his role at Taurus, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, eagerly sharing his insights with growers. His combination of personal integrity, professional expertise, and a lifelong dedication to learning and teaching renders him an invaluable asset to the team.



Terri Lattin

Financial Controller

Terri is a seasoned professional who brings a wealth of knowledge and skill in financial management, particularly within the agricultural sector. With an impressive tenure of nearly three decades, Terri has honed her expertise in accounting and financial strategies, providing invaluable support to numerous companies in the agriculture industry. Her role at Taurus is critical, where she oversees the internal fiscal operations and ensures the financial health and sustainability of the company.

As a key figure in Taurus’s financial team, Terri’s responsibilities are multifaceted. She skillfully manages inventory, oversees cash flow, and handles purchasing, ensuring that each aspect of the financial process aligns with the company’s goals and objectives. Her expertise extends to comprehensive financial reporting and in-depth analysis, where she interprets data to inform strategic decisions and foster business growth.

What truly sets Terri apart is her ability to bridge the gap between Taurus and its stakeholders. She works diligently with both customers and suppliers, ensuring that all business transactions are executed with precision and efficiency. This not only ensures smooth operational processes but also builds and maintains strong, trust-based relationships with key partners.

Terri’s combination of extensive experience, deep understanding of the agriculture sector, and her commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset to Taurus. Her role is instrumental in driving the company’s financial strategy and in ensuring a stable and prosperous future

How can Terri help you Advance Every Acre?

“I try to make things easy, transparent and precise from a billing and supply side. This way, you can concentrate on putting our products to the best use in your fields – to benefit your bottom line.”



Brett Guynup

Agronomic Marketing Regional Manager

Brett stands as a testament to the power of lifelong learning and inquisitive engagement in the agricultural sector. His career is marked by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and he is never hesitant to delve into queries for a deeper understanding of agronomic products and concepts. This trait ensures he remains at the forefront of agronomic expertise, continually enhancing his ability to advise and support growers.

In his personal life, Brett is the cornerstone of his family, providing guidance and support as a father to five children. His role as a family pillar mirrors his professional commitment to the agricultural community.

His journey in agriculture is deeply rooted in the Peace Region of northern Alberta and British Columbia, an area with unique agronomic challenges. Understanding the distinctive environmental factors of this region, like its climate, soil characteristics, and notably shorter growing season, is crucial for achieving top yields. Brett’s over two decades of experience in this distinct landscape is invaluable. His roles have spanned from grain buyer to retail ag supply manager and retail account manager, each position contributing to his comprehensive understanding of the local agricultural dynamics.

As a member of the Taurus team, Brett’s contributions go beyond routine advice. He offers advanced agronomic insights and product support that are crucial for getting crops off to a robust start and ensuring they reach an impressive finish, year after year. His depth of knowledge and commitment to continuous learning make him a vital resource for regional growers, helping them navigate the unique challenges of their environment for optimal yield.

How can Brett provide agronomic answers to help you Advance Every Acre?

“In today’s world, farmers need to have knowledge and expertise in so many areas. From biology and chemistry to business practices and commodity markets. Even GPS technology and mechanics! That’s a lot to put one a person’s shoulders. If we can help a grower understand sound agronomy and how putting the right product in the right field can impact yield, quality and harvestability – hopefully we can make that grower’s life easier – and their crops more profitable.”



Spiro Verras

Agronomic Marketing Regional Manager

Spiro has a dynamic blend of enthusiasm and expertise. As a Professional Agrologist, his passion for agriculture is rooted in a deep respect for Canadian growers and their vital role in global food production. He is dedicated to serving our current customers and eagerly anticipates building relationships with new clients across Manitoba.

With a foundation in agronomy and agricultural technology, coupled with a keen interest in econometrics, Spiro’s diverse skill set positions him perfectly to support progressive growers in their quest to maximize yields sustainably. His educational background, featuring a BA.Sc in Agribusiness from the University of Manitoba, complements his practical experience gleaned from various agricultural regions across Canada, including Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Southern Ontario.

Spiro’s unique perspective, shaped by his experiences on the outskirts of Winnipeg and his exposure to a myriad of farming practices and products, is a valuable asset to the Taurus team. As the Agronomic Marketing Regional Manager based in Eastern Manitoba, he is excited to apply his knowledge and skills to help growers expand their operations in an environmentally conscious and economically viable manner. We are enthusiastic about Spiro’s future with Taurus and confident in his ability to make a significant impact.



Curtis Russell, PAg

Agronomic Marketing Regional Manager

Curtis, a dedicated Professional Agrologist, embodies a passion for enhancing agricultural practices. With a profound commitment to agricultural excellence, he thrives on guiding growers to achieve optimal results in every field operation. His enthusiasm for disseminating cutting-edge agronomic knowledge and practices is a boon to both Taurus growers and retailers.

Before his current role at Taurus, Curtis honed his skills over 15 years at a leading crop management firm, where he excelled as a territory sales manager. His deep connection to agriculture was rooted in his upbringing on a grain farm in southwest Saskatchewan. This early exposure to farming spurred his academic pursuit at the University of Saskatchewan, where he earned a BSc in Agriculture. His education, emphasizing Agronomy with a minor in Business, reflects a blend of technical expertise and commercial acumen.

Curtis is not only known for his professional expertise but also for his collaborative spirit. As a team player, he brings a unique blend of creativity and problem-solving abilities to the table. His innovative approach and ability to devise effective solutions are invaluable assets in navigating the dynamic landscape of modern agronomy. Curtis’ role at Taurus extends beyond technical guidance, as he also serves as a catalyst for fostering teamwork and innovative thinking within the agricultural community

How can Curtis provide agronomic answers to help you Advance Every Acre?

“I believe our customers are ready to take the next step and dial-up nutrition on every acre. Nutrition must be tailored to each field. While technology will deliver new products and strategies to maximize production – my role is to help our customers better understand these innovations and provide the best advice for each individual grower. I can also draw on my experience to explain how our products interact with other chemistries on the market to ensure an agronomically sound solution.”



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