Arm U

Advanced nitrogen management technology to increase nitrogen efficiencies through improved agronomics and handling.

Stop wasting fertilizer! ARM U™ is a soil fertilizer additive that allows plants to absorb and utilize nitrogen, which otherwise disappears too quickly through conversion to ammonia gas. Give your crop the opportunity to flourish with the nitrogen it needs for healthy, rapid growth. Specially formulated for Canadian weather.

How it works

ARM U™ contains N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide (NBPT), which inhibits the urease enzyme activity that produces ammonia gas. By stopping nearly 96% of the volatilization loss, plants have the opportunity to absorb and utilize the nitrogen necessary for photosynthesis and production of protein.


When to Use

Whenever urea or UAN fertilizer is applied to soil.

Active Ingredient

18% N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide (NBPT), CAS No. 9437-64-3

Total inactive ingredients: 82% (preservative, colorant, spreading agents, surfactant)

Application Rate

1.2 L ARM U™ / 1000 kg UAN solution 2 L ARM U™ / 1000 kg UREA


Nitrogen is essential for plant life and growth and is therefore a component of many fertilizers. However, up to 50% of the nitrogen applied as soil fertilizer is unavailable to plants because it is quickly converted to ammonia gas and released into the atmosphere. ARM U™ prevents this enzymatic process, allowing nitrogen to be absorbed through the plant roots.

Unlike other NBPT formulations, ARM U™ is an improved formulation that contains polymers (spreader molecules) that increase NBPT's binding rates to urease enzyme leading to improved NBPT activity. This increased activity enables a lower percentage of active ingredient and a lower use rate while maintaining efficacy.

In addition, ARM U™ is formulated to have a high buffering capacity to keep the solution pH below 7 and to protect and fully utilize the nitrogen present in the NBPT molecule.


    • INCREASED NBPT EFFICACY & EFFICIENCY: Reduces nitrogen loss better than any other product on the market.


    • REDUCED REQUIREMENT FOR UREA/UAN: By reducing nitrogen loss (as ammonia) by 96%, the requirement for nitrogen fertilizer can be reduced by 20-30%.


    • REDUCED ODOR: ARM U™ is a buffered formula that stabilizes NBPT molecules by protecting nitrogen at a neutral pH and preventing odorous ammonia emission.


    • DUST CONTROL: ARM U™ contains bio-polymers and spreaders that quickly cover urea granules, allowing for a smooth flow and reduction in dust.


    • GREAT FOR COLDER CLIMATES: Stays in liquid form up to -15°C, making it easy to handle and store in cooler conditions.


    • INCREASED CHLOROPHYLL: By allowing the absorption of nitrogen, the development of chlorophyll is supported, fostering photosynthetic energy production and storage for increased health and growth.


    • INCREASED PROTEIN: Increased nitrogen absorption supports the production of plant proteins, including DNA and RNA, allowing plants to manifest their full genetic potential.


  • INCREASED GROWTH & YIELD: By supporting the production of chlorophyll, protein, and nucleic acids, plants grow faster, stronger, and healthier, producing an overall higher yield.

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