Active VPR™ PLUS

Enhanced herbicidal activity & improved crop growth.

Active VPR™ PLUS is an essential tank mix partner, loaded with the three essential nutrients (N-P-K) Active VPR™ PLUS to improve
herbicidal activity on weeds and improve stress resistance, root growth, and overall crop yield.

How it works

Crops undergo stress as they go through the process of breaking down herbicides into less toxic components.  Active VPR™ PLUS acts as a herbicide stress reliever with added Urea-Potassium Phosphate to effectively replace UAN as tank mix partner.

Loaded with the three essential nutrients (N-P-K) Active VPR™ PLUS enhances herbicidal activity, decreases herbicide stress, and improves crop growth.  Plus, the presence of Urea-Potassium-Phosphate complex allows Bentazon and Imazamox molecules to better bind and penetrate through cuticles to reach target sites.


Active Ingredients

Total Nitrogen (N) 14%
Available Phosphate (P2O5) 10%
Soluble Potash (K2O) 10%

Third Party Analysis by Mid-West Labs

When to use

Apply as a foliar spray.

Field Peas and Succulent Peas: apply at the 4-5 leaf stage (herbicide timing).

Soybean and other Dry Edible Beans: apply at V1-V2 (first-second trifoliate/herbicide timing) stage.

Application Rate

Active VPR™ PLUS is compatible with Viper ADV, Python A, Python B, and Basagran Forte or Basagran (see compatibility chart for possible mixtures). Mix one of the compatible agrochemical combinations at the recommended rate, then add Active VPR™ PLUS at the rate of 2.5 L per hectare (1 L per acre) with a minimum of 100 L of water per hectare (40 L / acre) for ground applications and 60 L of water per 1 hectare (24 L / acre) for aerial applications.

This product is compatible with the post-emergent herbicides Viper ADV, Python A, Python B, Basagran and Basagran Forte. For use with other post emergent herbicides, conduct a jar test and apply to a small area of the crop prior to large scale use.

*See sell sheet for mixing sequence 



Active VPR™ PLUS reduces electrolyte leakage and acts as a metabolic switch for the crop to maintain its growth. Potassium plays a major role while nitrogen and phosphorous help maintain growth and provide the energy needed to metabolize herbicide active molecules.



Active VPR™ PLUS helps regulate the opening and closing of the stomata controlling water vapor, oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. Potassium present in Active VPR™ PLUS is key for cell wall strength and cellulose production that enhance disease resistance and the ability of the crop to maintain firm, healthy stalks. Some of the molecules included in Active VPR™ PLUS can act as antioxidants and scavenge toxic compounds produced within the plant. In addition, these molecules are able to control the elasticity of membranes to reduce water loss.



Active VPR™ PLUS improves root growth while accelerating recovery from herbicide and other stressors. It also helps the crop establish quicker giving it an advantage of a few more days of photosynthesis compared with an untreated crop. Adequate P and K levels are required to enhance shoot and root growth and promote early maturity. These effects often increase water use efficiency and yield potential.



Active VPR™ PLUS provides a superior nutrient composition (14-10-10) versus UAN (28-0-0) and is an economical option to provide all three macro elements during the early stage of crop growth. Independent testing has shown Active VPR PLUS out performs UAN as a tank mix partner to achieve optimum weed control with significantly less crop stress.

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