SUL4R-PLUS® Fertilizer

SUL4R-PLUS® fertilizer is a controlled release granular sulfate product that provides season long availability for your crops.  The controlled release of plant-available sulfate allows the plant to have as much or as little as it needs during the growing season.

With the ability to match the nutrient uptake of the crop closer than any other sulfate product on the Canadian market today, a low salt index for improved seed safety; a 21% Ca-17% S analysis aiding in soil amendment; and dust free handling and storage capabilities, SUL4R-PLUS® fertilizer will revolutionize your growing this year.


Extracted from the Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) process used in coal fired power plants to remove impurities, SUL4R-PLUS® fertilizer is an innovative, granular, calcium sulfate fertilizer proven to enhance soil health and improve crop nutrition.  The seed safe features of SUL4R-PLUS® fertilizer make it a great partner to help growers reduce salt index and boost soil health. This fertilizer offers immediate availability to the plant by preventing moisture absorption from the air and dissolving only through contact with water in the soil solution.


Calcium (Ca) 21%
Sulfur (S) 17%
pH 7-8
Granular Range (1SD)(SGN) 250-280
Crush Strength 8 lbs
Uniformity Index (UI) >50
Bulk Density 58-60 lbs/cubic ft.



Optimum use rate varies according to crop need.  As the the chart below indicates, 100 lbs of SUL4R-PLUS® fertilizer acre delivers 21 lbs of Calcium and 17 lbs of plant available Sulfur per acre.

SUL4R-PLUS® Calcium Sulfur
lbs/acre lbs/acre lbs/acre
100 21.0 17
200 42.0 34


  • High Purity Synthetic Calcium Sulfate-Providing immediate and season long availability, matching the nutrient uptake of crops closer than any other sulfate on the market
  • Ammonium Lignosulfonate Binder- Contributing to controlled release and feeding the healthy soil microbiology
  • Soil Amendment Properties- Amending soil instead of contributing to problems in both saline and compacted soils
  • Low Salt Index (5)- Greater seed safety benefiting soil health (Compared to AMS 88.3)
  • Handling Characteristics- Great handling, blending and storage qualities with a dust free design; uniform granule size
  • Releases plant available Sulfate for a period of 60-80 days- Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Research Study  [pdf]
  • Highly soluble granules- provides immediate and season long nutrition to all crops
  • Uniform feeding across wide spread pattern- 20 to 30 granules per square foot (based on 100 lb/ acre application)

Study Details:

  • Laboratory study conducted by Texas A&M
  • Three different Texas soil types: a sand, a loam and a clay loam
  • Four replications
  • Sulfur release measured by leaching the sulfate from soil columns at different times over a 60- day period
  • Rate of sulfur applied was equivalent to 30 lbs./acre

Key Findings compiled by Dr. Tracy Blackmer:

  • SUL4R-PLUS product had superior sustained release of sulfur over the 60-day evaluation, which matches crop uptake needs.
  • The ammonium sulfate released all of its sulfur in the first 5 days. Because the sulfate form is easily lost by leaching, the lack of sustained release would likely result in decreased amounts of sulfur remaining later in the season, when the crop needs it most.
  • The elemental sulfur did not release sulfur in adequate amounts to meet crop uptake needs during the 60-day period.
  • There is still more SUL4R-PLUS crop nutrient sulfate to be released in the soil solution after 60 days.
  • Although SUL4R-PLUS fertilizer does not have N, a normal production field would have N added from other sources and this would further stimulate more sulfate to be released.


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