Primers & Foliars

Plant Enhancement Technology is an emerging field of agri-science where we are seeing some of the most innovative thinking. A number of patented molecular advancements are taking technology past the point of nutrition. These technologies are creating a positive impact on the plant – while providing solutions to overcome environmental stressors.

When implemented in conjunction with a sound fertility program, these enhanced formulations have the potential to maximize plant potential in all environmental conditions. There is a great deal of data available to illustrate the value these products bring to the table. Let Taurus show you how these formulations can help you increase production and extract greater value from the crop.

Patented Biostimulant Technology

Active AgriScience Patented Biostimulant Technology is designed to enhance seed germination, root growth, seedling vigor, stress resistance and yield. It is the central active ingredient in Active PRIME™, Active BUILD™, and Active COMPLETE™ STRONGER ROOT GROWTH Induces the Indole Butyric Acid (IBA) pathway resulting in higher levels of IBA in tissues and earlier, quicker, root growth and development. In addition, it induces synthesis of zeatin, a cytokin that promotes shoot growth. The resulting more robust treated plants are better able to maintain strong growth…View

Active PRIME™

Promotes germination with significantly greater root growth for hardier seedlings and increased yield. Active Prim…View

Active BUILD

Promotes growth above and below ground while protecting young plants from stressors. Watching those fields tur…View


Prepares crops for a high yield harvest by increasing fruit, pod, and seed production and quality. Active Complete…View


Enhances pollen development, anther dehiscence, pollen hydration, fertilization, and production of fruit, pods and …View


Enhances pollen development, fertilization, and yield of peas, lentils, soybeans and other beans Active PODFILL&#x…View

Active VPR™ PLUS

Enhanced herbicidal activity & improved crop growth. Active VPR™ PLUS is an essential tank mix partner,…View

Active GrainFILL™

Active GrainFILL™  Grain yield is determined by a combination of crop genetics, duration of the grain fill…View

Proform N

Excellent source of foliar nitrogen to support photosynthesis and the production of proteins for stronger, healthie…View


Tillering, branching, fruit, grain, and nut development Enhancer. Active Konnect™ is a potassium supplement…View

Active VPR™

Active VPR™  Active VPR™ acts as a post-emergent herbicide stress reliever while acting synergist…View

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