Active BUILD

Promotes growth above and below ground while protecting young plants from stressors.

Watching those fields turn from brown to green is exciting, but those growth spurts take a lot of energy and can cause plant stress. Active Build™ provides a shot of much needed extra nutrients as well as support for photosynthesis and protection from drought.

How it Works

Active Build™ provides the highest concentration of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium available in a single liquid fertilizer solution, and is activated by Active AgriScience's Patented Biostimulant Technology to enhance the plant’s photosynthetic capacity. Nitrogen and potassium are in easy-to-absorb complexes, and phosphorous is in two different forms for greater absorption, ensuring that plants benefit from application. Added organic acids enhance photosynthetic capacity, allowing plants to benefit from more energy. Active Build™ also reduces evapotranspiration, protecting plants from drought conditions.



Guaranteed Minimum Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N) 2.0%
Available Phosphate (P2O5) 30%
Soluble Potash (K2O) 6.0%
Boron (B)(actual) 0.3%
Manganese (Mn)(actual) 1.0%
Molybdenum (Mo)(actual) 0.13%
Zinc (Zn)(actual) 2.3%

When to Use

Herbicide timing, e.g.:

  • Wheat, hops, corn, tomatoes, vegetables, tree fruits, tree nuts, berries: 3-5 leaf stage, BBCH 13-15
  • Canola: 2-4 leaf stage, BBCH 12-14
  • Soybean, pulses: first-second trifoliate, V1-V2

Application Rate

1 L (1 qt) Active Build™ per acre. For ground applications, mix with water at minimum volume of water at 20 L (5.3 US gal) per acre. For aerial applications, mix with water at minimum volume of water at 12 L (3.2 US gal) per acre.


Active Build™ provides the nutrients that young plants need to continue strong, healthy growth and overcome the stress caused by rapid growth, herbicides, and unfavorable environmental conditions. Roots continue to deepen, while stalks strengthen and foliage increases, ultimately resulting in higher yields.


    • STRONGER GROWTH: The high N-P-K concentration in Active Build™ is supplemented with boron, molybdenum, manganese and zinc, supporting additional root growth as well as stronger stalks and increased leafing, even under drought stress.


    • REDUCED TRANSPIRATION: Active Build™ helps increase xylem pressure through positive water potential, and enhanced elasticity of the xylem, and also helps to regulate stomatal function to reduce excess water loss.


    • INCREASED WATER USE EFFICIENCY: Active Build™ inhibits both ethylene synthesis and free radical formation under drought conditions. Ethylene and free radicals destabilize plant membranes, through fluidization and lipid peroxidation, resulting in water leakage and quicker wilting. Active Build™ treated plants have inherent resistance to these drought-induced changes with greater water use efficiency.


    • INCREASED NUTRIENT MOBILIZATION AND ABSORPTION: Active Build™ provides nitrogen and potassium in easy-to-absorb complexes, and phosphorous is in two different forms. It also increases secretion of root exudates into the rhizosphere that increase bound nutrient mobilization, availability, and root interception. Treated plants show increased uptake of nutrients.


    • INCREASED PERFORMANCE UNDER STRESS CONDITIONS: Active Build™ contains Patented Biostimulant Technology  that allows for its activity to be unaffected by unfavorable conditions, and its ability to simultaneously upregulate desirable pathways and downregulate undesirable pathways allows plants to maximize their genetic potential under cold, wet or drought conditions.


  • INCREASED FUNCTION UNDER WIDE RANGE OF pH: Active Build™ contains simple organic molecules that act as either weak acids or bases to pH buffer solutions. Therefore, its function and efficacy are preserved under various pH regimes.

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