Spiro Verras

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Spiro has a dynamic blend of enthusiasm and expertise. As a Professional Agrologist, his passion for agriculture is rooted in a deep respect for Canadian growers and their vital role in global food production. He is dedicated to serving our current customers and eagerly anticipates building relationships with new clients across Manitoba.

With a foundation in agronomy and agricultural technology, coupled with a keen interest in econometrics, Spiro’s diverse skill set positions him perfectly to support progressive growers in their quest to maximize yields sustainably. His educational background, featuring a BA.Sc in Agribusiness from the University of Manitoba, complements his practical experience gleaned from various agricultural regions across Canada, including Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Southern Ontario.

Spiro’s unique perspective, shaped by his experiences on the outskirts of Winnipeg and his exposure to a myriad of farming practices and products, is a valuable asset to the Taurus team. As the Agronomic Marketing Regional Manager based in Eastern Manitoba, he is excited to apply his knowledge and skills to help growers expand their operations in an environmentally conscious and economically viable manner. We are enthusiastic about Spiro’s future with Taurus and confident in his ability to make a significant impact.

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