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Curtis, a dedicated Professional Agrologist, embodies a passion for enhancing agricultural practices. With a profound commitment to agricultural excellence, he thrives on guiding growers to achieve optimal results in every field operation. His enthusiasm for disseminating cutting-edge agronomic knowledge and practices is a boon to both Taurus growers and retailers.

Before his current role at Taurus, Curtis honed his skills over 15 years at a leading crop management firm, where he excelled as a territory sales manager. His deep connection to agriculture was rooted in his upbringing on a grain farm in southwest Saskatchewan. This early exposure to farming spurred his academic pursuit at the University of Saskatchewan, where he earned a BSc in Agriculture. His education, emphasizing Agronomy with a minor in Business, reflects a blend of technical expertise and commercial acumen.

Curtis is not only known for his professional expertise but also for his collaborative spirit. As a team player, he brings a unique blend of creativity and problem-solving abilities to the table. His innovative approach and ability to devise effective solutions are invaluable assets in navigating the dynamic landscape of modern agronomy. Curtis’ role at Taurus extends beyond technical guidance, as he also serves as a catalyst for fostering teamwork and innovative thinking within the agricultural community

How can Curtis provide agronomic answers to help you Advance Every Acre?

“I believe our customers are ready to take the next step and dial-up nutrition on every acre. Nutrition must be tailored to each field. While technology will deliver new products and strategies to maximize production – my role is to help our customers better understand these innovations and provide the best advice for each individual grower. I can also draw on my experience to explain how our products interact with other chemistries on the market to ensure an agronomically sound solution.”

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