Brett Guynup

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The Peace Region of northern Alberta and BC is unique from an agronomic perspective. To be successful and achieve top yield requires an in-depth understanding of the environmental factors that set this area apart (such as climate, soil and a shorter growing season). Brett draws on over 17 years of experience serving regional growers as a grain buyer, retail ag supply manager and retail account manager. As a member of the Taurus team, Brett shares advanced agronomic advice, insights and product support that helps get crops off to a strong start – and end with an impressive finish. Year after year.

How can Brett provide agronomic answers to help you Advance Every Acre?

“In today’s world, farmers need to have knowledge and expertise in so many areas. From biology and chemistry to business practices and commodity markets. Even GPS technology and mechanics! That’s a lot to put one a person’s shoulders. If we can help a grower understand sound agronomy and how putting the right product in the right field can impact yield, quality and harvestability – hopefully we can make that grower’s life easier – and their crops more profitable.”

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