Taurus Expands Footprint to Ontario: Pioneering Company Brings Proven and Innovative Solutions to Ontario Market

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For over 20 years, Taurus Agricultural Marketing Inc. has been challenging the status quo in agriculture by investigating new technologies and cultural practices while sourcing the most innovative and proven products for high-performance growers. Working with key manufacturers, Taurus Ag focuses on strategically developing and marketing agronomically advanced solutions into the Western Canadian Marketplace through retailers, agronomists, consultants, and growers. Their network of customers and knowledge of distribution channels throughout North America and the world enables them to continuously funnel new and exciting products into the market. Today, Taurus Ag is announcing that it has made a bold and exciting move by expanding its reach into the province of Ontario and Eastern Canada. Taurus Ag is driven by a mission to bring innovative, sustainable, and scientifically sound products to the market that will help farmers everywhere unlock the full potential of their land.

Joining Taurus Ag as part of this expansion are two dynamic Agronomic Marketing Managers, Zach Chanyi and Anderson Carrare. Both bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to the table and are eager to help bring Taurus Ag’s world-class products in the areas of fertility, biological inoculants, nitrogen management, primers & foliar nutrition to the heart of Ontario’s agricultural community.

Anderson Carrare, positioned in Central Ontario, is a seasoned professional with over ten years of experience in sales and business development in the agriculture sector in Ontario and Brazil. He has a deep understanding of farming practices and has worked with premium fertilizers to help growers achieve the best possible results. With his expertise in agricultural research, Anderson is well-equipped to conduct field trials and provide expert recommendations to farmers. He is a true champion of agriculture and is thrilled to be helping Taurus Ag bring its innovative products and solutions to Ontario.

Zach Chanyi is a proud Ontario native, born and raised in Southwestern Ontario. He has worked in the agriculture industry for nearly 12 years and holds a degree in agriculture from the University of Guelph. With a wealth of experience in various roles, including sales, distribution, and working closely with high-production crops, Zach will be a true asset to Taurus Ag. He is a Certified Crop Advisor and is eager to apply his expertise to help Ontario farmers succeed. In addition to his passion for agriculture, Zach is also a dedicated volunteer firefighter and enjoys spending time in the great outdoors.

“We have a long history of bringing innovative solutions to agricultural production that has had a net positive impact on grower success on millions of acres. With our proven sustainable solutions in fertility, fertility management and biological inoculants, we feel the ability to impact a new market, that is advanced in their agronomic mindset and practices, makes Ontario a great fit. We wanted to ensure we could support this growth and service the business, and today we feel we have the right team in place. This is an exciting time for our business and clients as we look to bring value to a new market by working with progressive retailers and growers.”

Craig Davidson, President and Founding Partner of Taurus Agricultural Marketing Inc

Taurus Ag is proud to be part of the Ontario agricultural community and is committed to providing the best possible products and solutions to help farmers advance every acre. With the addition of Zach and Anderson, Taurus Ag is poised for continued growth and success, and is excited to positively impact the future of agriculture in Ontario. Taurus Ag is dedicated to being a leader in sustainable initiatives in agriculture, focused on the land, the environment, and the grower’s success for today and future generations.

headshot of Zach Chanyi
Zach Chanyi
Southwestern Ontario
Anderson Carrare
Central Ontario

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