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We are very pleased to announce that Curtis Russell has joined our team as our Agronomic Marketing and Business Manager based out of the Regina, SK area, explains Craig Davidson, President of Taurus Ag Marketing Inc.  Our business is built on trust and integrity around agronomy and fertility with a passion to create positive, sustainable change at the grower level working with our dealers, agronomists, and consultants.  Curtis has a long history delivering tremendous value to agriculture with his 15 years at Bayer Crop Science serving Eastern Saskatchewan.  Before that, Curtis attended U of S to obtain his Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture and grew up on a grain farm in south west Saskatchewan.

We are entering an era where every bushel harvested has an opportunity to be packaged into a great story that consumers will enjoy.  We have taken this upon ourselves at Taurus to connect our growers to leading edge solutions that not only help increase production but do it in a way that will make the earth a better place at the same time, explains Craig Davidson.  We look at the greater Regina area into eastern Saskatchewan as one of the top growing regions in Western Canada, if not around the world.  We believe leading growers in this area will be prepared to adopt sustainable solutions to keep them at the forefront of production and allow themselves to create more positive relationships all the way through to consumers.  

Thankfully what has not left our great industry, is face to face earned trust.  Curtis has built his own brand of trust and integrity in the marketplace with a grower first approach, along with being a solutions creator if a logistical hurdle impeded the delivery of a solid agronomic solution.

Welcome Curtis!

Taurus Ag Marketing Inc. has been in business since 2001 delivering immense agricultural value in Western Canada and more recently expanding efforts in the United States and overseas.  To learn more about our business and our leading edge sustainable solutions, visit our website at or contact one of our professional people for more information.  While there sign up to become a Taurus Insider!

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