Active AgriScience Inc. moves Manufacturing to Saskatoon, SK. for the upcoming 2020 Cropping Season.

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Taurus is pleased to bring in the New Year with the announcement that Active AgriScience Inc. is in the process of moving their manufacturing facility from Abbotsford, B.C. to Saskatoon, SK. for the upcoming 2020 cropping season. 

“This is a move that has been under consideration for some time”, explains Craig Davidson, President of Taurus Agricultural Marketing Inc.  “We have been working with Active AgriScience Inc for over eight years in Western Canada.  Over that time, we have seen their molecular innovations and agronomic solutions enhance plant production and nitrogen management, and become standardized in some of the most progressive programs in our market.” Davidson continues, “The continuing innovations coming from Active AgriScience and the localizing of production in the heart of Western Canada, will allow us to continue to grow their agronomic portfolio and sustainable approach to crop production.  We are excited to have our leading nutritional and biological inoculant seed treatments, specific foliar nutrition solutions and industry leading nitrogen management enhancements made right in our own back yard.”

Shannon Sears, President of Active AgriScience, adds, “It is a big step for any business to make the decision to move production, and this received considerable review from management and the board of Active AgriScience before the decision was made.”  He continues, “When we looked at what made the most sense for our continued growth and to accommodate the logistics of the North American market, Saskatoon became a clear choice. On top of that, Saskatoon and the province of Saskatchewan have tremendous focus on agriculture, allowing for both, our ability to continue to innovate and to find the right people to continue to bring value to agriculture.  We expect to be up and fully operational to meet the needs of the 2020 season by February.”

“When we look back at the start of our business, the first place we looked to conduct third party field research on broad based crops was Western Canada”, explains Dr. Ranil Waliwitiya, CEO & Director of Research & Development with Active AgriScrience. “With this move it feels right, with our long history in research in this market, that we will now produce our proven portfolio in the same area.” 

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Active AgriScience is a leading technology provider to the global Agriculture Industry focused on creating biological & chemical seed treatments, foliar plant nutrition and nitrogen stabilization.  Learn more at

Active AgriScience inc Patented Biostimulant-Technology is their unique patented and patent-pending technologies that unlock the latent genetic potential of crops while protecting them from environmental stressors. Results from robust independent scientific research show enhanced germination, seedling vigor, root growth, crop quality, and yield.

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