ICL and Taurus Agricultural Marketing partner to bring revolutionary fertility technology to Canadian farms with Polysulphate®.

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ICL and Taurus Agricultural Marketing Announce a Long-Term Partnership to Distribute Polysulphate® in the Canadian Marketplace.

ICL Group, a global leader in sustainable minerals, and Taurus Agricultural Marketing, a leading Canadian distributor of innovative agricultural products, are pleased to announce a new long-term partnership. Under this partnership, Taurus will exclusively distribute ICL’s products Polysulphate® and Polysulphate® Premium into the Canadian marketplace, from British Columbia to Ontario.

Polysulphate® is derived from polyhalite, a naturally occurring mineral, containing macro and secondary elements essential to high-performance plant growth and function: Sulphur, Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium. Polysulphate® Premium brings the advantages of a robust, spherical, broad spreading, easily blended, and natural source of fertility that will help Canadian farmers achieve their production goals while being environmentally responsible.

Taurus is committed to bringing sustainable, innovative, and agronomically sound products to market for Canadian farmers. By partnering with ICL, Taurus is providing Canadian farmers access to the latest in fertility technology. Polysulphate® has already been used in many countries around the world with great success, and Taurus is excited to bring this product solution to Canadian farms.

Craig Davidson, President of Taurus Agricultural Marketing, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with ICL and the potential for Polysulphate®, stating, “If we were to create a checklist of all the requirements we need as a business to ensure a new product can be fully scaled commercially in our market space, that checklist would look like the value proposition for Polysulphate® Premium. There is trust and comfort in the fact that we are working with a 100-year-old business in ICL, and an ICL team that is impacting agriculture globally, constantly finding ways to move the bar for increases in the sustainable production of food and food quality.”

Molly Biedenfeld, Vice President of Ag North America at ICL Growing Solutions, added, “Taurus and ICL Growing Solutions share a commitment to our growers and the agriculture industry. Our long-term partnership is focused on agronomic innovation and collaboration, which has allowed us to tackle grower challenges and drive positive change in both the industry and the communities which we serve.”

Craig Davidson, President of Taurus Agricultural Marketing, accepting the First Place prize for Polysulphate® Premium at the 2023 Manitoba Ag Days tradeshow for winning in the category of Agronomics in the Innovation Showcase.

Polysulphate® is a naturally dense mineral and a highly versatile ‘four-in-one’ nutrient spectrum that contains essential elements for each stage of a plant’s growth. Polysulphate® has unparalleled seed safety and season-long feeding optimizing early plant health and robust filling of specialized and broad-based crops.  It is a sustainable and innovative product that supports the growing demand for environmentally friendly agricultural solutions being registered organic around the world, including Canada.  The partnership between ICL and Taurus Agricultural Marketing will ensure that Canadian farms have continual access to new innovations in fertility.

For more information about Polysulphate® and Taurus Agricultural Marketing, please visit or speak with your local Taurus Representative

About ICL

ICL is a global leader in fertilizers and specialty chemicals. The company employs over 11,000 people worldwide and operates manufacturing sites in Europe, the Americas, and Israel. ICL’s mission is to create innovative solutions that address the challenges of food security and environmental sustainability.

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Taurus Agricultural Marketing is a leading Canadian distributor of agricultural products. The company provides innovative and sustainable solutions to Canadian farmers to help them maximize their production while being environmentally responsible. Taurus is committed to bringing high-quality products to market that support the long-term success of Canadian agriculture.

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