Taurus Ag Elevates Marketing Strategy: Company Brings on Marketing Manager to Drive Growth and Market Impact

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As a dedicated and innovative player in the agriculture industry, Taurus Agricultural Marketing Inc. has been steadfast in its commitment to supporting growers in optimizing their business operations since 2001. By embracing cutting-edge advancements and best practices in modern agronomy, Taurus Ag enables growers to achieve maximum production and profitability.

As the company embarks on a new era of growth and expansion, Taurus Ag has brought on a visionary storyteller to help shape its brand image and guide it into the next 20 years. Taurus aims to simplify the science behind agronomy and to demonstrate the tangible benefits of incorporating proven solutions into farm operations, with a focus on quantifiable return on investment.

To this end, Taurus Ag is pleased to announce the appointment of Aqueena Clennett as its Marketing Manager. Aqueena brings over a decade of professional experience in the agriculture industry,  a passion for farming and a deep understanding of marketing. Based in East Central Alberta, where she farms with her husband and two sons, Aqueena will play a key role in creating meaningful connections with Taurus Ag’s customers and delivering engaging, informative content.

“Everything we do today and have done over the years to advance agriculture has been based on science and understanding the ‘whys’ behind the ‘hows,’ states Craig Davidson, President and Founding Partner of Taurus Agricultural Marketing Inc.  Our challenge is to simplify complex scientific information about soil, plants, and biology into a format that growers, consultants, and retailers can use to make informed decisions that benefit their business. Although our business is based on science and helps growers financially, it’s our ability to communicate clearly that has made us successful. We’re thrilled to have Aqueena on our team to help us navigate a changing market where customers want to do their own research before seeking advice. As a quick study that is tech-savvy, knows agriculture, coupled with being a great communicator with an eye for detail, we are excited for you all to get to know Aqueena Clennett!”

In an era where every harvest has the potential to be transformed into a compelling story, Taurus is committed to connecting growers with solutions that not only increase production but also promote sustainability. With over two decades of experience and a reputation for being at the forefront of positive change in agriculture, Taurus invites you to learn more about its leading-edge sustainable solutions.

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