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Taurus’ Ag In Motion plots showcased a new way of thinking.

We’ve all heard that old saying, “The proof is in the pudding.”

For Taurus and those who had an opportunity to visit us at the 2018 Ag In Motion show, the proof is in the plots.

This year’s show provided us with an opportunity to put our advanced agronomic practices and science-based solutions to the test. We hosted nearly 1,000 growers over three days (a few of which saw the thermometer rise above 30°C). Our team took the time to guide our visitors through Taurus’ plots and thought process: to show how and why our big-picture approach to science-based crop production yields measurable results.

We started with our premium Designed Fertility check plots (based on practices a typical high-performance grower would follow).

Then, we upped our game on the Taurus Advanced Acre plots – introducing value-added nutrients, plant enhancement technologies and root-boosting microbials at key points in the growing season.

As if that wasn’t enough, we added a third plot to showcase new practices and technologies focused on seed safety, efficiency and sustainability. Some of which we anticipate will be coming soon to Canada. These “Driven Efficiencies” rows were added to get growers to look at things at a different level and to provide a glimpse into how these new technologies can not only benefit the crop and environment but also how they are an achievable fit for any farm operation. 

Opening eyes. Changing mindsets.

Despite hail a week and a half before the show, the plot spoke volumes. We saw a significant difference between the Advanced Acre plots and the premium checks – particularly in relation to maturity and height. The visual difference was noticeable in all four crops (canola, soybeans, peas and wheat).

Meanwhile, the new Driven Efficiencies plots turned heads and generated genuine excitement for emerging technologies.

What questions did we raise – and what did we learn?

What if we could give plants an extra boost throughout the season at key growth stages?

We learned that advanced plant enhancement technologies designed to deliver the right nutrients at the right time give crops a leg up. They facilitate enhanced growth and fend off stress for improved production.

What if we could take greater advantage of helpful microbes in the soil?

We learned that beneficial microbes in the soil improve soil health and boost a plant’s ability to absorb nutrients in almost all crops (with the exception of canola and other brassicas – find out why here). And that a dual inoculant improves the impact of rhizobium in peas by aiding in the absorption of Phosphorus.

What if we can rebuild and sustain healthy soil by using a cover crop?

We learned that it is possible to preserve soil health (and microbe levels) for the crop following canola – all crops in fact – through the use of a forage cover crop. This is a new practice to western Canadian growers that we were proud to introduce at this year’s show.

What if we could lower the salt index of the fertilizer and thus lower our seeding rate because of reduced seed burn? And what if we had a clean phos source that also helps to clean up city wastewater?

We learned that upcoming technologies designed to lower salt index for improved seed safety and viability (such as Crystal Green® and Sul4R-Plus®) are the real deal. They offer tangible benefits to growers while meeting the demands of consumers.

What if we knew what was taking place at root level and beyond?

Finally, we showed the value of soil testing to guide fertility decisions, and that next-generation testing can now help you measure (and improve) soil health. This guided our decisions on all plots, including our checks.

Changing agriculture one plant at a time.

Taurus has always strived to stretch the minds of agriculture and look at the possibilities of new emerging technologies. Digging into the science and understanding the how’s and why’s behind them.

Our participation in Ag In Motion is one part of our ongoing commitment to educating growers year-round. Our goal is to play a central role in shaping the future of agriculture by introducing proven, science-driven solutions that allow our growers to be more efficient, more sustainable and more profitable.

We look forward to seeing you next year!


Here are some highlights from Ag in Motion 2018:


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