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Demonstrating agricultural products and practices in real-world conditions is the reason the Ag In Motion Expo (AIM) was created. Hosted in Saskatoon, this event allows progressive growers to see the latest innovations through live field and crop plot demonstrations. The 2018 Show runs from July 17th to 19th.

Taurus is participating for the second straight year. As a company that has always prided itself in providing growers with advanced agronomic solutions that are grounded in science and evidence-based agronomy – it is an opportunity to showcase an advanced management strategy designed to promote greater plant health, growth and yield.

This year, Taurus will also be demonstrating several new products and practices that are sure to turn heads: including a new way to improve soil health using a cover crop; safer, more sustainable potash solutions, technology to improve stand strength in wheat and more.

20,000 sq ft. of soil. Four crops. Three trials.

Taurus has seeded four crops at AIM: canola, wheat, peas and soybeans. Each of these plots will feature three trials: The Designed Fertility Plot (a high-quality check strip), The Taurus Advanced Acre, and a third plot called Taurus Advanced Acre with Driven Efficiencies, which will showcase increased efficiencies to the plant and on your farm.

What makes Taurus’ plots unique is the lengths they are going to grow crops exactly like a grower would.

Prior to seeding, Taurus collected soil samples, which were sent to A&L Canada Laboratories in Ontario. This informed fertility practices on all plots.

Crops were seeded on May 22nd. All seeding and treatment applications are being performed by Down To Earth Research, following the agronomic advice recommended by Taurus, derived from analyzing environmental conditions and soil/tissue tests. At seeding, fertilizer was side-banded to ensure crop safety. Like last year, (and a testament to the active ingredient in the Taurus Plant Enhancement Technology line), there will be no irrigation: all crops will rely on natural rainfall.

The Taurus Advanced Acre: the proof is in the plot.

The Taurus Advanced Acre™ represents Taurus’ best management practices, which it will recommend to progressive growers interested in applying proven plant science to their operations. It features the Designed Fertility Package enhanced by advanced Taurus solutions – with a goal of achieving increased yield while maintaining a strong return on investment.

The Advanced Acre features products Taurus has helped introduce to Western Canada, including:

Plant Enhancement Technology (Active AgriScience) – Based in Abbotsford BC, Active AgriScience has taken Technology Past the Point of Nutrition™. Their research team has developed a smart molecule called Intrinsic™: which is proven to aid plant growth in several ways while equipping plants to better ward off abiotic stress by regulating cell function. Their line of advanced growth enhancement technologies is incorporated into the Advanced Acre at various growth stages to aid seed health, germination, active growth, flowering and pollinations, seed and fruit development and more.

Biologicals (AGTIV®) – Taurus is a firm believer in harnessing the benefits of microorganisms in the soil that establish symbiotic relationships with plants. AGTIV® is a leading supplier of products with biologically active ingredients, such as mycorrhizae and rhizobium – to promote stronger growth, better yields and higher crop quality.

Fertility (various) – Healthy growth depends on the plant’s ability to get the nutrients it requires at the right time, at the right place in the necessary quantities. This goes beyond NPK and extends to micronutrients that are required in lower concentrations but are equally as critical to growth. A number of products will be used, according to the needs identified through the soil and tissue testing.

Agronomy & Analytics (A&L Canada Laboratories) – In agriculture, the more you know the smarter you can grow. A&L Canada Laboratories is among Canada’s most trusted agricultural labs. While A&L specializes in all of the standard nutrient testing available through plant and soil samples, they are also leading the way through innovative new Soil Health suite of tests that can accurately measure the levels of beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

Taurus Driven Efficiencies on the Farm: What’s next in progressive farming.

Taurus is extremely excited to be able to run trials on several new products and practices. This includes:

  • A new, safer and more environmentally sound sulphate potash product called Crystal Green®.
  • A new and innovative approach to Sulphur fertilization: A slow-release 17% Sulphate, 21% Calcium product with a reduced salt index for improved safety.
  • A new research product for improving wheat stand.
  • A new research trial for a cover crop that can improve soil health.

The Taurus Advanced Acre with Driven Efficiencies will be based on the Advanced Acre package, with various enhancements described above.

Not your ordinary check strip.

To compare apples with apples in canola, wheat, peas and soybeans, Taurus wanted to ensure its check strips (Designed Fertility Plots) received a strong fertility package based on analytics. It follows the practices an aggressive farmer may employ. Taurus used its Crop Nutrient Uptake and Removal Chart to develop nutrient packages designed to hit set yield targets (60 bu/ac in Canola, 90 bu/ac in Wheat, 70 bu/ac in Peas and 45 bu/ac in soybeans).

The Designed Fertility Package includes Urea, MAP, KCL Potash, and Ammonium Sulphate.

The Designed Fertility plots also form the basis for the Advanced Acre and Driven Efficiencies plots. All plots are treated with the appropriate crop protection products to ward off weed, insect and fungal infections.

This trial is not about showing off… but about showing how and why!

Taurus believes the true value in participating in Ag In Motion isn’t from showing how great a product is… rather in showing how certain results were achieved, how growers can also achieve the same results, and the reasons why a product or practice works.

Those who attend the show will be able to meet with Taurus team members who will offer tours of the plot, and provide advice based on your soil type and growing challenges. They will even do root digs to show what is happening below the surface. For those who can’t come, Taurus will be sharing research data and videos from the show.

The best part is that you get to see innovative solutions in practice, grown under real-life conditions – on someone else’s crop! It is a unique opportunity for Taurus to demonstrate their approach to helping growers by Advancing Every Acre™.

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