TAURUS AGRONOMIC BITES- Flowering Crops, Pollination and Bees- A Sustainability Conversation

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We have a special guest panelist joining us for our third episode of Taurus Agronomic Bites!

Our Taurus experts and special guest panelist, Kreg Alde of Broken Tine Orchard/ Alde Farms, take part in a live discussion around flowering crops, pollination and yield potential.  Listen to Kreg’s experience and successes with attracting more bees, increasing pollination, and bumping up yield.  We will be diving in deep on topics like the role pollination plays in flowering crops, what are polyamines, preventing yield loss in flowering crops and how increasing bee foraging is to your benefit!    

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More about Kreg:

Kreg Alde and family

Kreg Alde is a 4th generation farmer, operating his family farm nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, south west of Beaverlodge AB. 

Current cultivated land is approximately 2400 acres, with the main farm crops canola, wheat, and barley.  In 2011, he planted a Haskap orchard to start into diversification and help in the succession of this proud farm.

 Kreg Alde has been using Taurus product on his farm- Alde Farms, and his orchard- Broken Tine Orchard cumulatively for the past 4 years.  He has seen great success in using Active Flower in his orchard as well as Active Prime, Active Build, SUL4R-PLUS, and AGTIV inoculants on his other crops.

Kreg believes strongly in local grown food and sustainable agricultural practices and he joins our conversation June 11th, sharing his experience and success with attracting more bee’s, increasing pollination, and bumping up yield. 

Broken Tine Orchard
Taurus Grower Spotlight -Kreg Alde

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