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We are pleased to announce our involvement with AGvisorPRO as a Tech Direct Solution™ partner.  

AGvisorPRO Inc has launched a new service designed to provide instantaneous connectivity.  Built on the AGvisorPRO platform, growers, consultants and ag industry people can search for  Taurus, our people or our products to connect directly and get the answers to their questions, when they need it, for free. 

Craig Davidson, President of Taurus Ag. Marketing, comments,

“As the world around us is constantly changing, what hasn’t changed is the need for progressive minds to seek information to make informed decisions.  We realize we work in vast spaces in agriculture and every hour counts when acres are big and manpower is limited.  We are excited to become a Tech Direct™ partner on the AGvisorPRO platform.  We see this as a medium for growers, retailers and consultants to reach out to us in a modern way where we can have instant connectivity and see each other face to face.

I think one thing we are realizing in the last few months is there are better ways to connect remotely, and that certain ways of communication may never go back to the way they were before.  Utilizing this platform in today’s environment will allow us to answer questions, have in depth conversations, build trust, and help growers, consultants and industry people, all while respecting everyone’s time.  We are here for when the market needs us and this is another innovative way for us to better serve the marketplace with our leading edge innovative solutions and agronomic practices.”


AGvisorPRO is the “Uberization” of knowledge and wisdom providing instantaneous connectivity between farmers and agriculture experts who can provide ANSWERS NOW to questions relating to crops, livestock, machinery, technology, marketing, management, or health and wellness.

Talk to the right people, right now.  AGvisorPRO only works with experienced ag experts. Users can choose the expert to talk to based on availability, area of expertise, subject matter and more.  From experienced growers and agronomists to industry and government AGvisors, users are matched with the right person to answer their questions. 

Tech Direct™ Solution partners are able to register their company, their products and their reps on the AGvisorPRO platform so users are able to quickly connect within the app via audio, video, chat, high resolution picture sharing. The app is free for download on iOS, Android and desktop and there is no charge for the growers to connect via the Tech Direct Solution™.

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AGvisorPRO Press Release

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