Taurus Assists Canadian Plant Enhancement Technology Partner to Expand into International Markets.

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Active AgriProducts is now Active AgriScience Inc. New product names revealed.

Over the past 4 years, Taurus has worked in close partnership with the team of research scientists at Active AgriProducts, to introduce advanced Plant Enhancement Technology formulated to address agronomic challenges around plant growth, development and yield.

Moving forward, the company will be operating as Active AgriScience Inc.

What is in a name?

Taurus has long been attracted to the groundbreaking work being done by Active AgriScience Inc. (AAS), due to the science, original research, rigorous scientific method and innovative technology that goes into their plant enhancement technology.  Not to mention detailed testing on a crop-by-crop basis. Fittingly, the new name – Active AgriScience Inc. – reflects this scientific approach.

Taurus is pleased to play a role in supporting Active AgriScience Inc. as it expands into the international marketplace. The advanced molecular chemistry that has benefited Canadian growers is now attracting interest south of the border and in countries such as Australia.

In addition to the corporate name change, the Active AgriScience™ line of products Taurus growers have come to know and trust are now available under a new international naming structure. This will allow AAS and Taurus Ag to market these products consistently from country-to-country.

 Purpose Old Name
Promotes germination with significantly greater root growth for hardier seedlings and increased yield. Prime Time
Promotes growth above and below ground while protecting young plants from stressors. Take Off
Enhances pollen development, anther dehiscence, pollen hydration, pollen viability, pollen tube growth, fertilization, and production of fruit, pods and seeds. Pollin Aid
  Prepares crops for a high yield harvest by increasing fruit, pod, and seed production and quality. Complete
  Excellent source of foliar nitrogen to support photosynthesis and the production of proteins for stronger, healthier, higher yield crops without leaf burn. Proform-N
  Enhance shoot architecture and fruit, grain, and nut development.  Konnect

Data has also been provided based on the use of multiple Active AgriScience™ products on a crop over the 2016 growing season – reflecting Taurus’ “Advancing Every Acre™” approach.

Learn how Active AgriScience’s Plant Enhancement Technologies are performing in the field – with the release of insightful third-party research data.

  • 4 years of data on canola, soybeans and wheat
  • New research on faba beans, peas, lentils, corn and oats
  • Results from use of multiple Active products (by crop)
  • Product-by-product description & benefits
  • Compatibility charts

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