Taurus and Duck Foot Parts Inc Sign Exclusive Canadian Partnership

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We are excited to announce an exclusive Canadian partnership between Duck Foot Parts Inc. and Taurus Agricultural Marketing Inc.

Taurus has an extensive established retail network in Canada, and the Duck Foot paddle tines are an award winning-farm innovation with an unprecedented quality product. Therefore, these two entities will undoubtedly be able to supply, support and deliver the most durable header attachment to the Canadian market. The partnership is sure to continue to deliver Duck Foot Parts as The Trusted Name in Header Precision and Harvest Efficiency.

Craig Davidson of Taurus talks to the new relationship with Duck Foot:

“Getting to know Steve, Chrisa and the team at Duck Foot has given us a renewed appreciation of the passion and commitment it takes to go from an idea to full commercialization, bringing true value on every farm for any start up business.  We believe they have a simple, effective, time saving, yield saving solution that should be on every header or swather in our market. We are excited to be able to help foster their growth in the coming years.”

Steve Kastning of Duck Foot foresees the partnership as the next evolution for Duck Foot. Steve says,

“This is a unique partnership which I am very excited about.  It will provide farmers access to the duck foot not only through their local ag equipment dealers, but now they will also have access on the agronomy side of their farms, giving them another avenue to learn the benefits of the duck foot.”

Ultimately, the partnership will allow producers, retailers, and equipment suppliers better access to Duck Foot’s essential and trusted harvest efficiency solution.

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