Taurus and Bushel Plus Sign Exclusive Canadian Partnership

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We are proud to announce an exclusive Canadian partnership with Bushel Plus.

Through Taurus’ retail network and the Bushel Plus equipment dealer network, we will educate, supply, and deliver harvest solutions – solutions that support and continue to build upon the model of every acre has a story, and ultimately ensuring we put more in the bin.

Craig Davidson of Taurus is excited about the new partnership, he says “We have been following the success Bushel Plus has been having the last couple years and feel they have designed and created a simple, user-friendly solution to maximize efficiencies at harvest.  Though somewhat outside the box for our business, we feel the addition of an Equipment Efficiencies Pillar will allow us to stay true to our core in helping growers not only increase production effectively, but make sure it stays as production and not a loss out the back of a combine.”

Marcel foresees the partnership as the next evolution for Bushel Plus, Marcel says “This partnership is creating a powerhouse to have a larger Bushel Plus team supporting our dealers throughout Canada and therefore allows us to bring our new ideas and innovations more effectively to farmers across Canada.  As an equipment manufacturer we are excited to be able to service our dealers even better and build a great team around harvest precision that will continue to provide value to the Canadian agriculture industry.”

This partnership will allow producers, retailers, and equipment suppliers better access to the Bushel Plus essential and innovative harvest gain solution!

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