Taurus Agronomy Week 2

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Another great week of free agronomy! Recorded and live webinars for your enjoyment. If you missed any of these great resources now’s your chance to relax and enjoy what we have collected here.

Find Taurus Agronomy Week 1 here

The more we understand about plants and how they work, the better we will be at understanding their needs and growing stronger crops. Learn from Mike Dolinski with his captivating pictures and agronomy knowledge in this bite size webinar.

Soil health from a grower’s perspective: Join Travis Avery of Taurus Ag and Joe from Joseph Gardiner Farms in Clearwater MB, for a detailed discussion revolving around all things soil health & the benefits of AGTIV™.

Join Mike Dolinski for a live interactive webinar on Growth Staging in Wheat- A Closer Look. Mike takes us on a journey with his personal photos on growth staging wheat; physiological and agronomic stages; timing for fusarium, wheat midge control and how to improve protein content.

In this educational and interactive webinar Taurus’ director of Science & Innovation, Mike Dolinski, explores how plants interact with, uptake, and manage phosphorous. Learn all about plant biology, soil health, and nutrient absorption in this visual presentation.

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