Taurus adds Agronomic Marketing & Business Manager in Central & Eastern Manitoba

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December 5th, 2017

Craig Davidson, President of Taurus Agricultural Marketing, is pleased to announce that Travis Avery has been hired to manage our Agronomic Marketing and Business Management in Central and Eastern Manitoba based out of Winnipeg, Mb. A graduate of the University of Manitoba Agricultural Degree Program, Travis comes to Taurus with extensive retail and sales experience.

“Taurus provides agronomically advanced solutions to high-performance growers by sourcing the most innovative and proven products while backing them up with a solid, scientific approach to growth”
We take a leadership role in knowledge based marketing of strategic products and services to advance agriculture, and Travis will be a valuable addition to our team, that will allow us to become more refined in our approach with our customers and new relationships in a key area for our business in Western Canada, explains Davidson.

Travis has built and fostered retail and grower relationships in this area as well as personally growing up in central Manitoba. This is important for our business as we look to take the successes we have had in a broader marketplace, and expect to create those same successes in a more refined approach with key influencers moving forward, explains Rob Mann, Vice President of Market and Business Development for Taurus based in Calgary, AB.

Any time you can find an individual with a passion to make a difference and a will to lead people where they would not go on their own, you have someone who is prepared to alter mindsets and earn the trust of the marketplace, explains Davidson. We feel Travis has that ability.

Please welcome Travis to our team as he looks forward to getting out in the marketplace and either reacquainting or meeting you, as he learns the Central & Eastern Manitoba market and your business!

Contact Info:

Travis Avery
Agronomic Marketing & Business Manager
Central & Eastern Manitoba

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