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Special guest Les Henry brings to light the facts about soil salinity.  Les takes us through what he has seen in the past and what he is seeing now in the prairie soils and he provides education around the causes, how to measure it, how to “fix” the problem and coping if it’s not fixable.  A renowned ag speaker with 30+ years of experience in field soil fertility and soil salinity, Les is a Canadian authority on the subject, and has also authored and published 2 books. 

What you will learn:

  • What is the problem
  • What mechanism(s) cause it
  • Measuring Soil Salinity
  • How to “fix” soil salinity
  • Coping with the unfixable
  • What role does Mother Nature play

Les Henry homestead SK

Les Henry was born and raised with primary and secondary education at Milden, Saskatchewan. He received a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree and Master of Science (Soil Science) degree from the University of Saskatchewan.  He had five years experience on soil survey in Saskatchewan and 30+ years experience in Field Soil Fertility and Soil Salinity and Extension work with the University of Saskatchewan.  He has driven every mile of every Saskatchewan Highway- in ag area and stood up in many dozens of  town halls for extension talks.

He has written a soils column in Grainews since October of 1976 and had international experience in Tanzania, Swaziland and in China . 

 In addition to academic and educational activities, Les owns a small farm near Dundurn SK.  He has authored and published two books:  “Catalogue Houses ; Eatons’ and Others” ( now 3rd printing) and  “Henry’s Handbook of Soil and Water” (now selling  4th printing).   Neither book had a nickel of government money for their publication.

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