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As our sales team and geography continues to expand, we are very pleased to announce that Roddy McNinch and Claude Sander will be taking on larger roles within the company to enhance the upper management structure and help guide Taurus closer to our long term goals.

Roddy McNinch
Vice President Sales Management

Roddy will take on the role of Vice President-Sales Management, focusing his attention on working closely with our sales team to bring greater value to our core customers.  Roddy has been with Taurus for over six years, successfully managing a sales geography in Alberta, as well as, becoming a partner in the business in recent years. 

“When it comes to exuding what we want in a cultural feel for Taurus and having the ability to take the complex and make it easily understandable in a user friendly, story-like approach to sales and agronomic marketing, Roddy has lead the charge in this area of our business,” explains Craig Davidson, President of Taurus. Roddy will still maintain some direct relationships with customers moving forward, with the long term goal to work closely with our group and core customers across a broader marketplace.

We are also very pleased that Claude Sander will be taking on the role of Vice President – Client Relations as we look to streamline the communication and growth of the core clients we represent.  

More than ever we feel the responsibility to carry the torch of positivity in agriculture, and on behalf of our clients we will work to streamline that messaging.

Claude Sander
Vice President Client Relations

Claude comes into this role with over six years of experience with Taurus, from successfully managing a sales region in Saskatchewan, to also becoming a partner in the business.  “He is prepared to help scale our clients businesses while we stay true to our culture and our goals to make growers more successful and more connected.” explains Davidson.

We are entering an era where every bushel harvested has an opportunity to be packaged into a great story that consumers will enjoy.  At Taurus we have taken this upon ourselves to connect our growers to leading edge solutions that not only help increase production, but do it in a way that will make the earth a better place at the same time.  

We believe leading edge growers are preparing themselves to adopt sustainable solutions to keep them at the forefront of production and allow themselves to create more positive relationships all the way through to consumers.  For this progressive path to become reality, we are building a strategic team of individuals that will shape the way agriculture will be accepted in the future.

Taurus Agricultural Marketing Inc. has been in business since 2001, delivering tremendous agricultural value, with a focus in Western Canada and more recently expanding efforts in the United States and overseas.  To learn more about our business and our leading edge, sustainable solutions, visit our website at or contact one of our professional people for more information. While there sign up to become a Taurus Insider!

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