RNA Interference and it’s growing impact on plant science

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[Watch] This video does a great job of explaining how RNAI came to our attention and why it is so important. The story behind this unintended breakthrough is quite interesting.

Some of the most important developments in science have been the result of an accidental discovery. The fields of human medical science and plant science are beginning to make incredible strides forward based on a previously unknown genetic mechanism called RNAI (Ribonucleic Acid Interference) – which can be manipulated to disable certain genetic traits. By working within cells, scientists are finding ways to increase health and resistance, unlock alternatives to chemical controls, and provide relief from environmental stressors.

Today, RNA Interference is increasingly being employed in Plant Transcription Technology. Plant Transcription Technology is about developing proteins and products that work from within the plant to regulate the expression of a target gene – with a focus on triggering the crop’s ability to respond positively in changing environments. For example, a Plant Enhancement Technology product may work by inhibiting the synthesis of ethylene, which is responsible for shutting down plant growth in drought conditions.

This new world may look a bit different than traditional gene modification, providing an alternative way to impact cells in living organisms. Significant investments are being made within this new field of research, and will ultimately advance our ability to positively impact both human health and plant health.

Additional RNAi information (PBS website)

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