Introducing The Taurus Advanced Acre™

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At Taurus our company mindset has always been to deliver agronomically advanced solutions that meet growers needs and exceed their expectations for their crops success.  Bringing new and innovative products to the market and helping growers understand the science involved, is something we thrive on.

As such, we would like to invite you to join us as we embark on a new initiative for Taurus.  Utilizing a 17,000 square foot growing space at the Ag in Motion (AIM) outdoor farm expo, we want to show you first hand, using sound agrology and science, how our products stand out and can deliver the results you want for your crops.  We look forward to meeting with leading edge growers and retails like you, in the field to share ideas and showcase our “Taurus Advanced Acre™”.

Visit our webpage for all the details on this initiative and to learn more about winning a prize at the show!

The Taurus Advanced Acre™

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