Introducing Bushel Plus Webinar

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Marcel Kringe, Founder and President of Bushel Plus and Craig Davidson, President, Founding Partner of Taurus Ag present the #1 Drop Pan System to help increase your profit for a better harvest season.

#1 in Combine Harvest Loss Assessment – Trust the Experts!

The Bushel Plus System is the authentic combine calibration system, designed to quantify your harvest loss by determining exactly how accurate your combine is calibrated. Every farmer’s goal is to maximize efficiency and to minimize combine losses during harvest. We offer the most reliable and robust calibration system for the harvest industry – which makes our all-in-one system the #1 combine loss measurement system and device on the market.

How the Bushel Plus System Works

The Bushel Plus system includes precise, dependable instruments that are designed to easily be used with any combine. With your safety in mind, all units are remote controlled and portable so that no wiring or bolts are needed to attach to any combine. Our magnetic drop pan can be used with multiple machines and is easy to move from one combine to the other – no tools needed!

  • Magnetic system attaches to any combine in seconds
  • Remotely release Drop Pan
  • Clean sample with the Bushel Plus Air Separator
  • Check results with our new APP
  • Do all four steps within a few short minutes!

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