How A Plant Grows: A Plant’s Perspective

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This will be a 4-part series looking in detail at how plants grow and respond to their environment. Plants have been on earth a long time and know what to do under all circumstances, we just need to understand them, and help them approach their growth potential. Canola, peas, and wheat will be the crop plants used as model throughout the series. The role of nutrients in crop growth will be included where relevant when exploring physiological processes common during the crop life cycle.

Register for the 4th and final part of ‘How A Plant Grows: A Plant’s Perspective’ webinar series March 24, 2022.

Part 4: Putting it Together, A Year in a Plant’s Life

Thursday, March 24, 2022 at 9am MDT / 10am CDT

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Thank you to those who joined us for Parts 1-3 of the series. If you missed the initial presentations, find the recordings of each below.

Part 1: Overview, Objectives, and The Plant Cell

Part 2: How Plants Take Up and Move Water and Nutrients

Part 3: Stress, Rhizobium & Mycorrhizae

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