Leading Edge Phosphate Technology, Crystal Green® Available to Advanced Western Canadian Growers

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Taurus Ag Marketing Inc. is pleased to announce our alliance with Ostara Nutrient Division based out of Vancouver, BC to bring their agronomically driven phosphate magnesium technology, Crystal Green®, to a broader scope of leading edge growers across Western Canada.

“We are very pleased to be able to work with Ostara and bring a higher end agronomic offering to our core customers in Western Canada in the area of phosphorus nutrition”, explains Craig Davidson, president of Taurus Ag Marketing Inc.  “We realize in the area of advanced nutrition, supplying phosphorus throughout the growing season for optimal yields can be a real challenge with many of our soils.  Couple that with depleting phosphorus reserves, we need to look at all options to sustain and grow our production of our core crops that have high season long phosphate demands.”

Crystal Green® Root-Activated™ phosphorus is the first continuous release granular fertilizer to feed crops like canola, soybeans and potatoes the P they need all season long with one up front application.

“Since 2005 Ostara has been working with North American and European cities and municipalities to incorporate their patented technology to extract excessive phosphorus  from waste water”, explains Justin Miller, Director Technical Sales.  “In the last eight years as production of Crystal Green® has increased, we have also ramped up our research efforts to best define the fit for our product Crystal Green®, to provide maximum value at the grower level.”

“With the definition required to position our product correctly based on soil type and varying degrees of phosphorus tie up, we are confident in our partnership with Taurus Ag Marketing and their intense focus on best management practices and agronomy to deliver sustainable value to Western Canadian growers.” says Miller.

“I have not met a grower that is not interested in sustainability”, says Claude Sander, Managing partner of Taurus Ag Marketing Inc. “When we look at the patented technology that Ostara has embraced to extract a scientifically proven renewable phosphorus product from cities and municipalities – and at the same time produce a phosphate technology that can better serve our growers based on the soil they farm, it truly becomes a win-win on many levels.  When both the environment and production come out ahead, this is something that Taurus wants to be a part of and is excited to help position and develop into mainstream agriculture.”

To learn more about Ostara and their Crystal Green® technology, please watch this short video clip.

Crystal Green

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