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Join Mike Dolinski Tuesday or Wednesday, 10 a.m. or 2:30 p.m. each day for some great agronomy and a good time!  Mike takes the complex and brings it to a level of understanding that is easy to digest and entertaining to listen to!

Mike will:

  • describe what happens in plants when they come under various abiotic and biotic stresses, and how plants deal with those stressors
  • outline which macro and micronutrients are involved in a plants responses to stress
  • explain the critical roles of phosphorus in plants and how they uptake P from  granules of Ostara Crystal Green®
  • outline some of the critical roles calcium (the third most abundant nutrient in plants), plays in plant growth and health, a topic not commonly discussed
  • cover your questions

You won’t want to miss what Mike has to share!   If you’ve ever been to one of Mike’s presentations you know how awesome they are! 

Mike will also be in the plot all day Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss any burning topics you have, like  pollination, nodulation in legumes, root growth, or anything that interests you.  Mike loves to share his knowledge and invites all of you to come by!


We have a great line up of exciting demos in the plot this year!

  • Ostara Crystal Green mini Pearl® demo:  Ostara sustainably recovers phosphorus using their patented Pearl® technology and transforms it into Crystal Green® fertilizer. Stop by to see our mini-Pearl demonstration in action.

  • Crop Intelligence by South Country:  linked to the soil moisture probes within our plot, learn more about how this app interprets weather station data and helps growers make more informed in-season decisions to capture more yield.

  • AGTIV Liquid Injection Kit: designed for easy application of AGTIV® liquid products. Engineered to be installed on the existing in-furrow liquid system of the planter to facilitate AGTIV liquid products

  • Soil & Plant health demos: see how the soil performs with the Taurus rainfall simulator and soil aggregate test and learn more about photosynthesis and how to measure it in a plant using a Brix reader


Come join us to learn more about our crops and the great products we’ve showcased!

Book your personal plot tour with one of our Agronomic Managers.  We will take you on a journey through our crops and products used, covering the how’s and why’s behind our fertility programs and answer any questions you have along the way.

Come as an individual or sign up a group of people, we’re happy to have you!

Click the link below to sign up for a plot tour.  Don’t know what time you want?  We’re flexible!  Sign up for the day you will be coming and we will save a spot for you!

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