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This year AIM went digital and so did we! Enjoy all our exciting content- delivered directly to your screen.

The Adam & Claude Show!

Join Taurus’ own Deadly Duo Adam Smith & Claude Sander everyday this week at 8am MST for some great agronomy and an even better time!  These 2 experts will be discussing all our AIM plot successes of the 2019-2020 season, as well as helping to shed new light on the why’s behind the how’s.

The Adam & Claude Show will cover what we’ve done in the site and:

  • Soil Health
  • Salt Index
  • Herbicides
  • New Biologicals
  • Cover Crops

All episodes are available to view on the Taurus blog page

Are you familiar with Crop Intelligence technology? Watch this quick clip of Elston Solberg of Earth Dirt & Soil to learn more.

Soil Moisture and Understanding the Yield Benefits of Knowing
What is water driven yield potential and how can it be used to bring in a higher yielding crop?  Join Kendall Gee of Crop Intelligence  and Curtis Russell of Taurus Agricultural Marketing, as they explain the technology, how it helps in making data driven fertility decisions, and learn what Taurus is seeing in the live data from the Crop Intelligence Soil Moisture Probes in their AIM Plot.

Live the Premier Tech Experience!
Have you always wanted to come to live the Premier Tech Experience in Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec? This is your chance! Join us for the digital PT Experience to meet the passionate experienced people: Marc, Martin, Régine and Adam. From Premier Tech’s offices & labs to Ag in Motion crop plot, discover what AGTIV can do for your crops!

Download our AIM 2019-2020 Crop Plot map here.

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