A Scientific Analysis on Pollination and Heat Stress

Posted in: Plant Enhancement Technology

Have you ever wondered what takes place at the reproductive stage of a plant’s life when daytime temperatures cause you to sweat while standing still?

New research on peas out of the University of Saskatchewan is furthering our understanding around the effects of heat on a flower, and helps to explain the negative impacts of high temperatures on pollination. Interestingly, there may be a deeper level to the story when we look at cultivars within a plant species – and whether or not a big seed producing variety or small seed producing variety is better suited to extreme heat.

This insightful cover story by Bruce Barker appeared in Top Crop Manager (West) this past February. With daytime temperatures creeping over 30 °C across much of the prairies, you might want to read further…


Protecting against heat and other stresses in flowering plants

In a recent blog post (7 Ways Plant Nutrition Complexes Can Support Pollination and Fertilization), we discussed how new Plant Nutrition Complexes are being used to promote reproduction and protect against a variety of stresses at the molecular level – including heat stress. If you missed it, click the link above.

You may also be interested to learn the role potassium plays in countering the effects of heat and drought by helping the plant retain water when under heat stress.


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