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Roddy, as the VP of Sales & Marketing at Taurus, is an exemplary leader who sets a high standard for his sales team through his own actions. He dedicates each day to not only explaining the ‘hows’ of agronomic practices but also delves deeply into the ‘whys’ behind them. This approach ensures that his team and clients have a comprehensive understanding of the processes and principles they’re working with, fostering a culture of knowledge and insight.

His leadership style is characterized by leading by example. Roddy’s hands-on approach in guiding his team demonstrates his commitment to their professional growth and to the success of Taurus. By actively participating in the day-to-day activities and sharing his extensive knowledge, he ensures that his team is well-equipped to handle the dynamic and often complex nature of agricultural sales and marketing.

Moreover, Roddy’s passion for agriculture, combined with his love for rodeo and western culture, further underscores his deep connection to the industry. His ability to connect agricultural practices to broader cultural and traditional contexts adds an invaluable dimension to his leadership.

Roddy’s influence extends beyond his immediate team. He is an inspiration across the entire organization, embodying the values of dedication, knowledge-sharing, and leadership. His commitment to explaining the underlying reasons behind agricultural practices enriches the understanding and expertise within Taurus, making him a pivotal figure in the organization’s ongoing success and growth.

How can Roddy provide agronomic answers to help you Advance Every Acre?

Crop inputs represent the highest percentage of investment dollars that growers spend on a annual basis. Nutrients are a large part of these inputs. That is where analytics becomes your best friend and trusted guide. I help growers remove the guess work – so they are confident in their decisions while investing in Fertilizer, Plant Enhancement Technologies or Biological Inoculants.”

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