Claude Sander

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Claude is the VP of Client Relations and is in close contact with the partners that provide Taurus with the great product line up we have.  A native of Saskatchewan. he works closely with growers, retail outlets and solution providers to stay on top of the products, tactics and advancements that can help achieve exceptional results. Claude strives to show customers how fertility solutions, biological inoculants and plant enhancement technologies go hand in hand with the insights that come from a strategically-based analytics program.

Over a 20+ year career, Claude has been involved in multiple facets of the industry: from research to sales and marketing to agronomy – and is a graduate of the Agriculture and Bio Resource program at University of Saskatchewan. Claude is passionate about agriculture; honest in his recommendations; and committed to the success of growers.

How can Claude provide agronomic answers to help you Advance Every Acre?

“These days, it’s extremely hard to keep things simple when it comes to agriculture. Now it’s about knowing how the complex elements in your soil affect plant performance. We take pride in making our advanced agronomic solutions easy to understand – because your life is complicated enough. Our passion and dedication to agriculture allows Taurus to be a valued partner in your business.”

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