Polysulphate Premium

  Polysulphate® Premium Increases Yield - Improves Grain Quality - Saves on seed mo rtality Polysulphate® Premium is derived from polyhalite, a naturally-occurring mineral, which contains elements essential to high-performance plant growth and function: K2Ca2Mg(SO4)4 • 2H2O   Guaranteed Minimum Analysis Guaranteed Analysis Sulpher(S)   18.2%   Potassium (K2O)   13.3%   Magnesium (Mg) Calcium (Ca) 3.3% 11.8% Polysulphate Application Rate: 100-150lbs/acre on average, depending on crop &n…View

SUL4R-PLUS® Fertilizer

SUL4R-PLUS® fertilizer is a controlled release granular sulfate product that provides season long availability for…View

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